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Social Emotional Learning & Behavior

Photo of a student playing outside with a giant parachute during Field Day.

In District 62, we take great pride in ensuring that all of our students receive the academic and social emotional learning support and services that they need to be successful in school.

Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports (PBIS)

PBIS is CCSD62's social emotional learning & behavior district framework.

What is PBIS?

A multitiered, social-emotional-behavioral framework for supporting wellness and responding to behavior. The framework emphasizes improving outcomes by addressing systems, practices, and data in a way that is flexible enough to accommodate local and culturally responsive context, needs, and values.

Schools continuously improve upon their climate, culture, and supports to be an effective learning environment for all youth and staff.

Schools aim to achieve culturally equitable outcomes including social-emotional-behavioral wellness & academic success by:

Supporting culturally knowledgeable Staff Behavior
  • team-based leadership and coordination
  • professional development, coaching, and content expertise
Supporting culturally valid Data-based Decision Making
  • universal screening
  • progress monitoring
  • evaluation of fidelity
Supporting Student Behavior
  • three-tiered continuum of culturally relevant evidence-based interventions.


CASEL - Guiding Core Competencies

Image/graphic of the CASEL - Guiding Core Competencies

Ideas, websites, blogs, books, and newsletters for families on the topic of social emotional learning (SEL)

SEL for Caregivers

Books for Caregivers

Visit their website

Second Step

District 62 uses Second Step to address social emotional and behavior standards and competencies (including bullying prevention curriculum). Learn more below.

Early Learning

Elementary Schools

Middle School

Parent Resources