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Religious Objections / Medical Exemptions

If a student’s parent/guardian objects to any or all of the health, dental or eye examination or immunization requirements on religious grounds,

the parent/guardian must present a signed Certificate of Religious Exemption as created by the Department of Public Health, detailing the grounds for objection and the specific immunizations and/or examinations to which they object.

The grounds for objection must set forth the specific religious belief(s) that conflict with the examination, immunization, or other medical intervention. The signed Certificate will reflect the parent’s or legal guardian’s understanding of the school’s exclusion policies in the case of a vaccine-preventable disease outbreak or exposure.

The Certificate must also be signed by the examining health care provider responsible for the performance of the child’s health examination confirming that the provider provided education to the parents or guardians on the benefits of immunization and the health risks associated with the failure to immunize.

Parents or legal guardians must submit the Certificate to the school prior to entering pre-school, kindergarten and sixth grade for each child for which they are requesting an exemption. District 62 will determine whether the content of the Certificate constitutes a valid religious objection to immunizations and health examinations.