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Asthma Action Plan

Under Illinois law, students are permitted to self-carry and self-administer both asthma medication and epinephrine auto-injectors at school.

In order to self-carry and/or self-administer asthma medication, students must obtain written authorization from a parent/guardian which must be kept on file in the school health office. The parent/guardian must provide the school with the prescription label, which must include the name of the asthma medication, the prescribed dosage, and the time at which or circumstances under which the asthma medication is to be administered.

Additionally, for students to self-carry and/or self-administer an epinephrine auto-injector, written authorization from the student’s physician, physician assistant, or advanced practice nurse must be on file in the school health office.

The written authorization must include the name and purpose of the epinephrine auto-injector, the prescribed dosage, and the time(s)at which or the circumstances under which the epinephrine auto-injector is to be administered.

The written authorization must be submitted by the parent/ guardian every year before students will be allowed to self-carry and/or self-administered asthma medication or an epinephrine auto-injector.

In case a student forgets to bring this emergency medication with them, it is recommended that a backup supply be provided to the school health office. The District, and its employees and agents, are exempt from liability or professional discipline from any injury arising from the administration of asthma medication or epinephrine auto-injector.