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The mathematics curriculum empowers students with the necessary confidence and skills for solving problems in everyday life.

In District 62, we believe that mathematics is best learned in an environment in which students:

  • connect mathematics to all subject areas and real life experiences.
  • see the relevance of mathematics in their lives.
  • use mathematics as a language to understand and communicate about the world.
  • develop mathematical understanding through discoveries, active involvement, and experiences.
  • use mathematics as a tool for learning rather than just a skill to be practiced.
  • develop and use mathematical strategies and the applications for a variety of situations.
  • use current and emergent technology to promote mathematical explorations and analytical thinking.
  • relate new experiences to prior learning.
  • develop mathematical understanding in a progression from the concrete to the abstract.
  • support individual needs in developmentally appropriate ways.

The District 62 Mathematics Curriculum is based on the New Illinois Learning Standards (CCSS), which were adopted by the Illinois State Board of Education in 2013-14.

Please contact Christy Bowman, Curriculum Coordinator for Instructional Services, at with questions.