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Student Records

Photo of a student sharing her scissors with another student in class.

State and federal law grant students and parent(s)/ guardian(s) certain rights, including the right to inspect, copy, and challenge school records.

These requests should be made in writing and sent to the building principal. A noncustodial parent has the right to request student records unless there is a specific court order to the contrary.

The information contained in school student records shall be kept current, accurate, clear and relevant. Parent(s)/ guardian(s) also have the right to challenge the contents of records by notifying the principal or records custodian in writing of an objection to information contained in the record. An informational conference will be scheduled to discuss the matter within ten (10) business days.

If the dispute is not resolved at this informal meeting, a formal hearing will be scheduled with an impartial hearing officer who shall be selected by the school district but who may not be employed in the attendance center in which the student is enrolled. Challenges are not allowed concerning (1) academic grades, or (2) references to expulsions or suspensions if the challenge is made at the time the student’s records are being forwarded to another school district. A parent may only challenge records on the basis of accuracy, relevance, or propriety.

The hearing officer shall conduct the hearing within a reasonable time, but no later than (10) business days after the informal conference unless the parties agree to an extension of time. The hearing officer shall issue a written decision within ten (10) school days after the conclusion of the hearing. The decision of the hearing officer may be appealed to the Regional Superintendent of Education within twenty (20) school days after the decision is transmitted.

A final decision by the Regional Superintendent may be appealed to the circuit court of the county in which the school is located. Parents/ guardians also have the right to insert a written statement of reasonable length into their child’s school student record describing their position on disputed information.

The district will include a copy of the statement in any release of the information in dispute.

Pupil records are divided into two categories

aThe student permanent record consists of basic identifying information, academic transcript, attendance record, health record, record of release of permanent information, and other basic information. The permanent record shall be kept for sixty years after graduation or permanent withdrawal.

b.  The student temporary record consists of all information not required to be in the student permanent record including family background information, test scores, psychological evaluations, special education files, teacher anecdotal records, and disciplinary information. The temporary record will be destroyed entirely five years after graduation or permanent withdrawal.

Additionally, the district designates the following information as directory Information:

  • Student name, address, gender, grade level, and birth date and place
  • Parents’ names, mailing address, e-mail addresses, and telephone numbers
  • Academic awards and honors
  • Information related to participation in school-sponsored activities, organizations, and athletics
  • Period of attendance in the school

Directory information may be released to the general public, unless a parent requests that any or all of the above information not be released on his/her child. Contact Dr. Lea Anne Frost, Interim Assistant Superintendent for Student Services, if you wish to designate that your child’s directory information not be released.

Destruction of Student records

Temporary student records will be destroyed no earlier than 5 years after a student transfers, graduates, or otherwise withdraws. Permanent student records will be destroyed no earlier than 60 years after a student transfers, graduates, or otherwise withdraws.