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School Lunch

Close up photo of three apples

It is important that students eat a well-balanced meal. School lunches are available for all children whose parents wish them to have one.

Students may also bring a lunch to school. Students may go home for lunch in accordance with early release policies.

As of the 2023-2024 school year, there will now be a plant based school lunch option for students.

School Lunches

School lunches must be ordered by 9:30 A.M. each day. If your child is tardy, it is important that the school office be notified of your child’s lunch plans. A school lunch is available for a cost and includes a choice of white or chocolate milk. Milk is also available for individual purchase.

For the 2023-2024 school year, student food services accounts will be credited with funds put on deposit for use in the district’s food service program. The district has successfully converted to a computerized Point-of-Sale (POS) program that draws payments directly from student food service accounts when they enter their ID electronically into the POS system at the time of purchase. Credit card payments can be made on-line to add funds to your student’s food service account. The district will still accept cash or check made out to CCSD 62 at your child’s school.

All lunch money/checks must be sent in an envelope, which lists student’s name, grade, and teacher on the front of the envelope. A monthly lunch menu is sent home at the end of each preceding month and is also posted on the district website on our Food Services/Menus page

Food At School

Teachers are prohibited from using food as an incentive or reward for students at school and during school day hours. Additionally, students are prohibited from bringing food treats to school for birthday celebrations or any other celebrations during school day hours.

In lieu of food treats, students may bring non-edible treats such as stickers, pencils, erasers, or books. If you have any questions about what non-edible treats students may bring to school, please consult with your student’s classroom teacher.

Outside Delivery of Food

Students and parents are prohibited from ordering goods or food from outside vendors to be delivered to the school during school hours. This prohibition includes the use of delivery services such as Uber Eats, Grubhub, DoorDash, Postmates, as well as traditional delivery services. Additionally, this provision extends to students participating in extracurricular school activities occurring before, during, or after school hours.

Free And reduced priced lunch

A student’s eligibility for free and reduced-price food services shall be determined by the income eligibility guidelines, family-size income standards, set annually by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and distributed by the Illinois State Board of Education.

Children of families whose annual gross income is within the government guidelines are eligible for free or reduced priced lunch.

Families can apply for free or reduced priced lunch on the district website at our Free & Reduced-Price Meal Program page. 

Lunch Period expectations

Eating lunch at school and utilizing the school grounds during lunch recess requires cooperation so that the lunch period is a pleasant and safe time for everyone.

There may be assigned seating during lunch period. Students are expected to stay in their seats for safety purposes. During lunch period, students are under the supervision of lunch supervisors and expected to follow directions as given. Misbehavior during lunch period is considered a disciplinary issue and appropriate disciplinary actions are taken. Failure to follow lunchroom guidelines can result in disciplinary action.

Lunch period recess is held outdoors whenever possible. Students should dress appropriately for weather conditions. The district adheres to the Illinois State Board of Education’s weather watch guidelines when determining whether recess should be held indoors.