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Community Involvement

Photo of the student Mariachi band playing at the DPPL

School District 62 Education Foundation

The School District 62 Foundation preserves and enhances educational opportunities for all students within the school district. The Foundation operates as a separate entity from the district.

Its purpose is to broaden community support for public education in School District 62, develop links among business, government, and civic organizations that will enhance community support of programs and activities for students served by School District 62,

provide grants to School District 62 staff members for programs and projects during and after the school day and to provide financial support for improved facilities, new educational programs, scholarships, and other suitable and worthwhile projects and activities in order to preserve and enhance educational opportunities for the children of School District 62.

For more information about the Foundation, to donate or volunteer, please e-mail at or(847) 824-8070. You may also visit their website:

Parent organizations

Each district school has a parent organization, which invites and welcomes parent membership, as well as their help and support. Many parent-sponsored school activities are held during the school year. Membership information may be obtained by contacting the school office.


A number of adults are utilized as volunteer helpers in the classrooms and for other school-related events that arise during the school year. Although no monetary remuneration can be given for such volunteer services, those who have helped in the past have found it rewarding.

Those interested in serving as a volunteer should inform the school office or the classroom teacher, or watch for notifications listing specific needs. All community and parent volunteers are asked to visit the Volunteer Program website and complete the application.


In October of 2022, the district introduced the Raptor Visitor Management system. Upon entering a district building, visitors will be asked to present an ID, which will be scanned and entered into our system. If a parent, guardian, or other visitor is undocumented or for any reason does not have a US government-issued ID, another form of identification can be provided. Once entry is approved, Raptor will issue a badge that includes a photo, the name of the visitor, time, date, and purpose or destination of the visit.

Parents are welcomed and are encouraged to visit the school.The district will allow a parent/guardian reasonable access to educational facilities, personnel, classrooms, and buildings to observe his or her child in the school setting or to visit an educational placement or program proposed for his or her child.

The district will also provide an independent educational evaluator, or a qualified professional retained by or on behalf of a parent/guardian or child, reasonable access to the district’s educational facilities, personnel, classrooms, and buildings and to the student in order to conduct an evaluation of the child, the child’s performance, the child’s current educational program, placement, services, or environment, or any educational program, placement, services or environment proposed for the child.

All individuals who visit a district school for these purposes must abide by the district’s Procedures for Classroom Observation, which are available on the district website or can be requested from the principal’s office.

Room visitations, if desired, need to be scheduled with the teachers in advance. Items brought to the school for the students are to be brought to the office and office personnel will arrange for delivery to the student.


District 62 is committed to collaborating with parents/guardians to support student learning and works to schedule meeting at mutually agreeable times. Parents/guardians have rights under the School Visitation Rights Act to be granted leave from work to attend student conferences and meetings. Under the Act, employers must grant an employee leave of up to a total of eight hours during any school year to attend school conferences, behavioral meetings, or academic meetings related to an employee's child if the conference or meeting cannot be scheduled during non-work hours.

Please talk to your employer for more information about your rights under this act.

Community & Mental Health Resources Instruction

Public school districts are required to share resources regarding how and where to find Illinois mental health resources. District 62 has a list of community resources to support families.


media and publicity

Throughout the year, school events are covered in school publications, school-based social media and by local news media. This could result in interviews, photographs, and video recording of the events. In addition, video or podcasts may be broadcast on local cable stations, the district website and district social media accounts.

The district is proud to feature the accomplishments of our students, but such publicity is optional and conducted only if the parent/guardian approves. Parents/guardians who do NOT want their children interviewed, photographed, or videotaped should write a letter stating their concerns and requests and return it to the principal of their child’s school.

Media release

Online privacy and safety are issues that we at District 62 take very seriously. We also take seriously the need for our students to create a powerful digital footprint for themselves. In order to do this they need to share their learning and work with the world.

As a means to share their voice and celebrate their learning and work, children and/or their school projects may be photographed or videotaped. Student photos/videos and work may be displayed in the school, printed in District 62 publications, used on the district/school/class website, printed in the school yearbook or posted to district/school pages on social media sites. Visiting media may also use student photos/videos.

Students may also be publishing to third party sites such as video, photo, blogging sites, etc. This media will not be used for commercial purposes. It is the district’s practice to only use a student’s first name and first initial of last name, when identifying students for this use, except for the school yearbook or if granted additional permission where a student’s full name will be used.

The district may release, publish, and use photographs/ videos, and work of your student unless you indicate otherwise, in writing, through a letter sent to your student’s school. In this letter, please outline what specifically which media you wish your student to be withheld from.