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Maracas and Dancing in Music Class!

Maracas and Dancing in Music Class!

Terrace welcomed back 1st-5th grade students this week as well as new kindergarten students.

Students were excited to be back at school to meet their new teachers and reconnect with classmates they hadn't seen all summer.

Students had fun in Ms. Prost's music class playing a game with maracas.

Students warmed up by jumping and dancing. Then they tested out their listening skills.

Ms. Prost had some of the students stand in a circle on the carpet and close their eyes while she placed maracas in other students' hands.

Photo of a student passing a maracha to another student.

The students then opened their eyes and listened for the sound of the maracas.

They had to guess who had the instruments. The students who had the maracas then had the opportunity to place them into other students' hands.

They played multiple rounds of this musical game. Then they all had a chance to play maracas together as a class.

They all had a fun time and are excited to come back to Ms. Prost's class next week.

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