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Welcome Back OP Eagles!

Welcome Back OP Eagles!
Orchard Place

Orchard Place welcomed back their 1st-5th grade students this week as well as their new Kindergarten students.

Students were excited to start learning and participating in class this week!

On their first day, they visited multiple behavior stations and learned about expectations for the school year.

Principal Bautista taught some of the students about the importance of lining up for the bus at the beginning and the end of the school day.

These expectations help the students enter and leave school in a safe and respectful way.

Students also learned about expected behavior in the lunch room and how to follow the CHAMPS strategies.

Ms. Knotts went over proper use of the outside playground equipment, as well as the importance of respecting each other.

These behavior expectations help foster a positive and respectful learning community for all of the students at Orchard Place.

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