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Bonding in the Buddy Program

Bonding in the Buddy Program

Iroquois Community School has a unique Buddy Program in which every young Iroquois student is paired up with an older student, or "buddy" at the start of each school year. 

For example, every 8th grade student is assigned a 1st grade buddy, every 7th grade student is assigned a 2nd grade buddy, and every 6th grade student is assigned a 3rd grade buddy.

Each 4th and 5th grade student is assigned a kindergarten buddy. 

Iroquois has school-wide events once a month where each student meets with their buddy for a special activity. 

Most recently the students participated in various Valentine's Day activities with their buddies. 

The students worked together making crafts, coloring and playing games. 

Principal Kelly Krueger said the staff love seeing the relationships the younger students have formed with their older buddies.

She said the buddy program creates a positive learning community every year.

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