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Board of Education Recognizes D62's 25-Year Employees!

Board of Education Recognizes D62's 25-Year Employees!

Community Consolidated School District 62 staff who reached their 25-year anniversary were recognized at the April 15 Board of Education meeting.

The 25-Year Service Employees are:

  • Victoria Ales (Terrace Elementary School)

  • Susan Artarian (Administration Center)

  • Erin Ballman (All D62 Schools)

  • Malgorzata Biega (Cumberland Elementary School)

  • Polly Brenner (Central Elementary School)

  • Melissa Broska (Orchard Place Elementary School)

  • Bridget Francese (North Elementary School)

  • Kristen Goczkowski (Iroquois Community School)

  • Melissa Lenski (Iroquois Community School)

  • Shawn Mannion (Plainfield Elementary School)

  • Aaron Nussbaum (Cumberland Elementary School)

  • Maria del Pilar Ramirez (Early Learning Center)

  • Lara Simonian (North Elementary School)

  • William Snyder (Iroquois Community School)

  • Maureen Wentzell-Genke (Chippewa Middle School)

“Congratulations to these individuals for their service and dedication to District 62,” said Superintendent of Schools Dr. Michael Amadei. “We celebrate their unwavering dedication, passion for education and the profound difference you’ve made in the lives of children.”


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