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4th Graders Publish Their Own Book!

4th Graders Publish Their Own Book!

Fourth graders in Ms. Jensen's and Mrs. Wasserman's class recently had the opportunity to write opinion essays, which were then complied and published into a book.

The students were asked to answer the question "If you could be any animal for a day, which animal would you choose and why?"

Once students picked an animal, they did research to find out all about the animal's characteristics.

The students then used text evidence from their research to teach their fellow classmates about the animal, while also explaining why they would want to have that characteristic.

Lucas said, "I would like to be a snow leopard because they stay warm. In the text it says, thick fur keeps snow leopards warm. Therefore, I want thick fur so that I don’t have to waste time wearing my extra clothes when I go to recess later. Also, I can be warm in a survival situation." 

Anna said she would like to be a chorkie. She explained, "I read they want to protect their owners. My first reason is that being brave can be very convenient. If my owner is in trouble I can come and help. My second reason is, I like to be with my mom and dad so being loyal is already a trait that I have, so that would be perfect for me."

Thank you to Mrs. Paolucci, who gathered all of the essays together to create an amazing book.

Mrs. Paolucci also planned an author party where the students saw their finished product and had the opportunity to sign each other's books!


  • Cumberland