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Meet the Cougar Running Club!

Meet the Cougar Running Club!

All first through fifth grade students at Cumberland Elementary School have the opportunity to join the Cougar Running Club. 

The club, led by Mrs. Hamman, helps foster students' enjoyment of running, while also giving them a chance to work on goal-setting, pacing and sportsmanship. 

Fourth and fifth graders run during their recess time on Tuesdays and first through third graders run during their recess time on Wednesdays.

Each student has their own popsicle stick that they carry to record each lap they complete. 

During the first through third grade recess, several fifth grade coaches assist with recording laps, help students find their popsicle sticks, serve as course monitors and provide support and encouragement to the younger runners. 

Mrs. Hamman said that in the last four weeks there have been 156 students who have participated in the running club - almost half of Cumberland! 

Mrs. Hamman shares the names of the students who ran the most laps per grade level in the school's morning announcements! 

So far this year students ran a total of 1,097 laps, which is equal to a total of 182 miles!


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