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Cicada Art Imitates Life

Cicada Art Imitates Life

Every student at Cumberland Elementary School is creating their very own cicada art project which will be proudly displayed in the halls until the end of the school year. 

Art Teacher Jelena Todorovich is participating in the Cicada Parade-a, an art exhibit featuring large plaster cicadas that will be displayed throughout Chicago starting in mid-May, and she wanted her students to have their own creative cicada experience. 

The students created their own unique cicada using whatever color paper they liked, then coloring it in with crayons and markers, glueing on shapes and even adding words.  

Also helping with the art project was Mrs. Jensen, the mother of a Cumberland teacher and a master naturalist.

Mrs. Jensen taught the students about the cicadas and their upcoming emergence on the Chicagoland area. 

Todorovich said art will be imitating life over the next several weeks! 


  • Cumberland