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Using Math in Exercise!

Using Math in Exercise!

Former Algonquin Math Teacher and Founder and Head Coach of CD Fitness, Cheryl De Guzman Capadocia, stopped by AMS to talk to the sixth graders about how math can be used in exercise. 

Ms. De Guzman Capadocia shared that she incorporates math in her position as a health coach and fitness studio manager. 

The students, who are part of the AMS group "Math Chicks," started out taking their resting heart rate while sitting in the bleachers. 

Ms. De Guzman Capadocia had them count their BPM for 15 seconds and then asked them to multiply that number by 4 to get their resting heart rate. 

The students then went down on the gym floor and and participated in different exercise activities, including jumping jacks, moving planks and squats. 

Students did 4 sets lasting 20 seconds each and then had 10 seconds to rest for each of the workout activities. 

The students took their heart rate again and used math to figure out what it was after working out. 

At the end of the workout the students worked on a final math problem, putting their new math knowledge to use.

Ms. De Guzman Capadocia inspired the students to think about not only the importance of a healthy active lifestyle, but also the possibility of a career in this field. 

  • Algonquin