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Developing our Next Strategic Plan

Photo of a student pouring liquid into a homemade volcano

Community Consolidated School District 62 will begin the process of developing a new multi-year strategic plan with support from students, staff, parents and stakeholders. 

Click here to review the draft recommendations of the District 62 Strategic Plan

Photo of a student running under a giant parachute.
Photo of a teacher working with a student in Science class
Photo of a student talking to another student in class.

The current process is designed to empower stakeholders to collaborate and create a shared vision and goals for the future of the district and strategies to achieve them.

Image of student playing a trumpet down the hallway during a school parade.


Invitation, roster, schedule & process

A review of the upcoming strategic plan process and our roles and responsibilities.

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Photo of three students walking down the hallway


Who is in the room?

The Orientation is an opportunity for the strategic plan team to learn of their roles and responsibilities. 

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icon of compass
Group of students working together on a project in class.

Data Retreat

Where are we now?

The Data Retreat provides an opportunity for the Strategic Plan Team to review the data sources.

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icon of graph

I am excited to begin this process with our stakeholders this fall. Our strategic plan team will include approximately 50 individuals who are working with the Catalyst for Educational Change (CEC) throughout this process. This team will play a critical role as we shape the future of our school district over the next three to five years. Dr. Michael Amadei

Superintendent of Schools

Photo of a student writing and working on an iPad at his desk.

Vision Retreat

Where are we headed?

The Vision Retreat provides an opportunity for the strategic plan team to develop a shared understanding of the current mission, vision, core values and strategic themes & build upon those ideas to move the district forward.


Binoculars icon
Photo of a student pointing up at the ceiling during a presentation.

Setting Direction

How will we get there?

The Setting Direction Retreat provides an opportunity for the Strategic Plan Team to make a decision related to the goals and high-leverage strategies. 

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compass icon
Photo of multiple students playing outside on the playground.

Final Meeting

What's the final developed plan?

The Final Meeting is an opportunity to make revisions to the plan based on data and evidence before it is formally presented to the Board of Education for review.

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snowflake icon

A successful strategic plan will serve as a guide to help achieve the district’s mission, vision, and values. It will also build a shared vision for all district stakeholders, and establish a means of tracking progress to ensure a high-quality education for all District 62 students.