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Business and Finance

The Business and Finance Office is responsible for financial, business, and day-to-day operations. The office oversees financial planning, budgeting, purchasing, facilities, fiscal accounting, financial reporting, grants, insurance, transportation, food services, warehousing, and accounts payable.

Architectural Services RFQ - April 22, 2024

Form of Publication notice

The District maintains guidelines to protect its fund balances. Financial planning is designed around the coordinated use of fund balances and cost containment.

Questions may be directed to Cheryl McCarthy, Business Office Manager via email

Budgetary & Financial Reports

Image of Board Docs and Standard & Poor's logos
Image of Mark Bertolozzi


Assistant Superintendent of Business Services


The purchasing function supports schools through the procurement of supplies, maintenance agreements, repair services, and equipment. A central warehouse maintains inventory of frequently used supplies, paper and textbooks.

Questions regarding purchasing may be directed to Susan Artarian, Purchasing Specialist, via email

Accounts payable

The accounts payable function facilitates vendor payments. Checks are issued monthly following approval at the Board of Education meeting, which typically falls on the third Monday of each month. Checks are mailed the following business day.

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district 62 payroll

The Payroll Office is responsible for generating paychecks, and makes sure the district employees receive it on time. For payroll questions please call Laura Morales, Payroll Specialist, (847) 824-1609.

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Board of Education TIF Resolution

At the May 20 Board of Education meeting, the Board adopted a resolution regarding the impact of Tax Increment Financing (TIF) on school districts. 

ED-RED has developed a summary of information about TIFs and what they mean for school districts below. 

What is a TIF district?

A Tax Increment Finance District (TIF) is an urban development tool created to combat urban blight. 

How do TIF districts work?

TIF districts divert property tax revenue from local taxing bodies, i.e. school, park, and library districts, to developers as incentives to invest in the TIF area.

How do TIF's impact school districts?

The TIF freezes the property tax revenue available for taxing bodies at the time of the TIF's creation.

Learn more about what a TIF is and why this matters below: 

2024 Board of Education TIF Resolution

TIF Key Phrases

TIF Summary