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Our Goals

a student in front of a colorful wall
Curiosity Compassion Courage

Our New Five-year Strategic plan goals and strategies

Curiosity  •  Compassion  •  Courage

The newly adopted strategic plan focuses on five key goals, their aligned strategies and indicators.

A successful strategic plan will serve as a guide to help achieve the district’s mission, vision, and values. It will also build a shared vision for all district stakeholders, and establish a means of tracking progress to ensure a high-quality education for all District 62 students.

A teacher is showing something to the students in the classroom.
A group of students with violins are focused on the sound they produce.
One student is sitting down, while the other student is standing with a paintbrush.

Our Five Goals

Aligned Strategies and Indicators



Goal 1

Best Student achievement

Engage all students in learning that leads to academic growth, achievement, and readiness for high school and beyond.



Goal 2

Best Learning environment

Cultivate a safe, inclusive, and engaging culture of learning that supports the academic, social, and emotional growth of each student.



Goal 3

Best Workforce

Invest in our diverse workforce to encourage innovation, collaboration, communication and accountability.



Goal 4

Best Families/Community

Cultivate partnerships with families and the community to support and expand learning opportunities for each student.



Goal 5

Best use of resources

Make effective and efficient use of resources to maximize educational success for each student, every school, and the district.


Aligned Strategies and Indicators