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2024-2029 Strategic Plan

Photo of a student writing in a notebook in class
Curiosity Compassion Courage

Our New Five-year Strategic plan

Curiosity  •  Compassion  •  Courage

The Board of Education adopted a new five-year strategic plan at the April 15, 2024 meeting.

Developed through a collaborative effort that involved District 62 students, District 207 students, staff, Board of Education members, families and community, the newly adopted strategic plan focuses on five key goals.

For more information about how we developed our strategic plan, please visit the:


teachers discussing together at table
students in classroom working
women at desk with papers

Living The Plan

Stakeholder engagement was another priority throughout the process. Giving stakeholders the opportunity to provide feedback outside of the Strategic Plan Team was a critical part of the process.

Surveys and focus groups were administered in October, November, December and January to seek feedback regarding the district strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT), the Preferred Future Statement, the three Portraits (Learner, Educator and System) and the draft strategic Plan.

Please Note: The navigation links below will take you to our individual pages that provide information about our new Mission, Vision, Motto, Core Values, Goals and Portraits.

Image of the front of the Leon Smaage Administration Center

A Message from Superintendent of Schools Dr. Michael Amadei and Board Of Education President Ronald burton

The District 62 strategic plan outlines a comprehensive roadmap for the future of our district. 

It represents a commitment to provide each of our students with the best educational opportunities possible here in Community Consolidated School District 62.

It is our hope that their time here with us will prepare them for success as they take their next steps to high school, college and beyond.

We extend our sincere appreciation to the nearly 60 people who contributed their time to this process, including the 19 middle school and high school students. This groundbreaking strategic plan represents our district’s vision for the future and it is an honor to see this district focus on providing children with the best public education experience here in District 62.


Michael A. Amadei, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools
Community Consolidated School District 62

Board of Education President, Ronald Burtons Signature

Ronald Burton

President, Board of Education
Community Consolidated School District 62


introducing our

new five-year strategic plan Video Series

A seven part video series hosted by Superintendent, Dr. Michael Amadei and 8th grade students from Algonquin, Chippewa and Iroquois.

A young student is putting a yellow hat on their head.
Photo of a teacher working with a student in Science class
Two students are next to each other, and one of them is looking through a microscope.

Video 1: Overview of Our New Five-Year Strategic Plan - 60 Seconds


Video 2: Our Mission - 3:08

Video 3: Our Vision - 3:01

Video 4: Our Motto - 2:52

Video 5: Our Core Values - 4:38

Video 6: Our Learner Portrait - 4:57

Video 7: Reflection On The Process - 3:42