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Multilingual / English Learners

Photo of students learning in the classroom

School District 62 is committed to providing a high quality English Learners (ELs) program that values a student's native language and culture. Only sound acquisition of linguistic, academic, and social skills ensures your child's equal participation in our diverse society.

Live Performance

Photo of a student performing a song with her guitar during the Mariachi performance at the DP Public Libarary.

The Algonquin Mariachi Band, composed of students and staff, performed at the District Art Gallery hosted by the Des Plaines Public Library and D62 Art teachers.


The Parent Advisory Council (BPAC): 

The Illinois School Code for Transitional Bilingual Programs mandates the establishment of a parent advisory committee to afford parents the opportunity effectively to express their views and to ensure that such programs are planned, operated, and evaluated with the involvement of, and in consultation with, parents of children served by the programs.

Photo of families attending BPAC

Models of Instruction


Photo of a student coloring with markers in the classroom


Spanish-speaking students may be placed in bilingual programs based on the home language survey and language screener results. If in grades K-3, and dominant in Spanish, the student is given BILINGUAL support where instruction is provided in Spanish with an ELD (English Language Development) component to the day.

This program is available at:

Orchard Place, North and Plainfield Schools

Photo of students pointing in a classroom during an lesson

Sheltered and Newcomers

Students who may be new to the country and come from various language backgrounds have the opportunity to get additional support through sheltered instructional programs. 

These classes are taught in English, however, the content is scaffolded to support your child's language proficiency.  Students may be sheltered the entire day or for just their WIN period dependent on language screening results.

Photo of a student reading a book in class


Students identified as English Learners are supported primarily through a co-teaching model

Grade Level/Content Area teachers and EL teachers plan, teach, assess, and reflect together to support students in learning both content and language simultaneously within the classroom. 

Most students in D62 fall into this model of instruction.

The D62 Parent University

digital "workshops" related to academic & social-emotional skills and "how-to videos" to teach you, the parent, how to support student learning at home.


Universidad para Padres Recursos en Español

View the Parent University Website

Mainestay Youth and Family Services

Mr. Richard Lyon presents parenting techniques that get results.

View the Video