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Healthy Habits and Safety

Photo of a student coloring in class

Our Mission is to Empower Confident, Future Ready Learners and Productive Citizens 

Photo of a student sitting in a chair in class.
Photo of a student sitting at a table talking to another student in class

Healthy Habits at Home and School 

The following suggestions might be helpful in aiding your child to establish good health habits: 

Encourage outdoor exercise. 

Stress the use of tissue when coughing or sneezing. 

Supervise your child’s choice of movies, videos, T.V. programs, and Internet usage. 

Avoid over-excitement, especially at bedtime. 

Each day you keep your child home from school, please call the school. 

When the child returns to school, send a note repeating the reason for the absence and give any additional information which you feel would be helpful to the teacher or nurse.


When purchasing clothing, parents should take care to secure apparel with simple fastenings so that the child is able to clothe himself/ herself with very little help. Boots should be large enough so that he/she can manage them. Clothing and shoes should be comfortable and practical. 


All outside apparel such as coats, hats, caps, sweaters, boots, and mittens should be plainly marked with the child’s name. 


When sending money to school, place it in an envelope and write the child’s (and teacher’s) name on the outside. 


Safety Patterns

Safety While Walking

Walk on the sidewalk or the left side of a road facing automobiles. 

Look carefully—left then right—before crossing a street. 

Cross only at intersections and never from between parked cars. During school hours cross where crossing guards or patrols are stationed. 

Learn about and observe traffic signals. 

Safety While Riding

Remain in seat and be quiet when riding. 

Be careful boarding or leaving bus or auto. 

Remember to buckle your safety belt. 

Do not lean on door handles. 

Refuse to ride with strangers. 

Safety At Play

Know own name, address, and phone number. 

Tie shoe strings, buckle boots, and zip zippers. 

Avoid throwing hard objects such as stones. 

Play in yards or playgrounds—not in the streets. 

Take turns on slides and swings. 

Avoid running and pushing on stairs and in crowds. 

PDF Version of the 2023-2024 Kindergarten Handbook

Available in English, Spanish and Polish.

View, Print or Download PDF Version