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English Learner Program

Photo of students sitting down looking at their teacher in class

School District 62 is committed to providing a high quality English Learner (EL) program that values a student’s native language and culture to accelerate the acquisition of linguistic, academic and social/cultural success in a diverse society. 

Goal: To provide students with the academic and language skills needed to meet or exceed achievement standards.

Photo of students sitting on the carpet in class
Photo of a student sitting at a table coloring for an activity.
Photo of a student talking to another student in class

A high quality EL program should be grounded in research. Therefore, we are committed to the following beliefs: 

  • Enable all students to achieve high standards. 
  • Use native language instruction, as available, to access content area curriculum while simultaneously providing English language instruction. 
  • Emphasize English Language Development (ELD) and content area learning at every grade level. 
  • Evaluate data and make program adjustments to continually improve student learning. 
  • Develop higher teacher competencies through comprehensive training of all staff on extensive strategies/methodology and second language acquisition. 
  • Promote understanding of and respect for cultural and linguistic diversity by students, parents and community. 

The EL Program has two components: English as a Second Language (ESL) and Bilingual Education.

English as a Second Language support is offered at each CCSD 62 school.

Bilingual Education support is offered at our bilingual centers: North, Orchard Place and Plainfield Elementary Schools. 

English as a Second Language services consist of a variety of student supports. Some of these supports include:

  • Small group pull out services to support academic content and improve literacy 
  • In-class support by EL teacher to reinforce concepts 
  • Native language where applicable and available 
  • Training for all classroom teachers on teaching strategies and methods that match EL learning needs 

Bilingual Education services consist of a variety of student supports. Some of the supports include: 

  • Literacy instruction in Spanish in Grades K-2 for students who demonstrate a Spanish dominance. 
  • English instruction (ESL) to increase vocabulary and deepen understanding. 

Home Language Survey

Illinois School Code requires that each school district administer a Home Language Survey to every student entering the district for the first time. The district is then required to screen the English Language Proficiency of each student identified through the Home Language Survey that reports a language other than English is present in the home, or is the student’s first language. 

PDF Version of the 2023-2024 Kindergarten Handbook

Available in English, Spanish and Polish.

View, Print or Download PDF Version