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Technology Safety

CCSD62 acknowledges the importance of teaching and reinforcing the safe, purposeful, and responsible use of technology.  It is critical that students learn and foster habits regarding technology that include the following:

  • Using the right technology for the intended purpose.
  • Applying the same behavioral expectations in the digital environment that we expect in the physical environment.
  • Reporting unsafe or harmful materials or behaviors encountered online.



Digital Citizenship Agreement

CCSD62 believes strongly in the need to educate, equip, and empower our students. Digital tools and resources give our students choice in how they innovate, design, and publish.

We know they wonder about their world in big ways and seek to advocate for a better society.

Our students have powerful voices that need recognition. They are worthy of every resource and opportunity to participate in a global dialogue. In order to achieve this, users will model the accepted Digital Citizenship Agreement. 

Please understand that communication systems and use of the District’s networks are not confidential and may be monitored by the District at any time to ensure reliability, integrity, security, and appropriate use. Use of any application that can be used to download illegal content and/or jeopardize Internet access for all members of the District 62 community is unacceptable. If the Digital Citizenship Agreement is not followed, and disciplinary actions are necessary, the process will follow standard procedures.

Please see the Student Handbook for additional information regarding acceptable use of technology. If you do NOT want your student to use the District’s technology, you must send a request, in writing, to your student’s school indicating your concerns and requests. If you do NOT indicate through this method, we will accept your student’s use of District technology as both you and your student’s agreement to the Acceptable Use Policy.

First page of the PDF file: D62AUP-InformedConsent

Media Release

Online privacy and safety are issues that we at District 62 take very seriously. We also take seriously the need for our students to create a powerful digital footprint
for themselves.

In order to do this they need to share their learning and work with the world. As a means to share their voice and celebrate their learning and work, children and/or their school projects may be photographed or videotaped.

Student photos/videos and work may be displayed in the school, printed in District 62 publications, used on the District/school/class website, printed in the school yearbook or posted to District/school pages on social media sites.

Students may also be publishing to third party sites such as YouTube, Vimeo, KidBlog, etc. This media will not be used for commercial purposes. It is the District’s practice to only use a student’s first name and first initial of last name, when identifying students for this use, except for the school yearbook where a student's full name will be used.

The District may release, publish, and use photographs/videos, and work of your student unless you indicate otherwise, in writing, through a letter sent to your student's school. In this letter, please outline specifically which media you wish your student to be withheld from.