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Volunteer Handbook

Picture of a parent volunteer with students at the book fair

Welcome to District 62’s Volunteer Handbook! We hope this handbook serves as a source of information for you as you give your time- your most precious commodity- to support the children of Community Consolidated School District 62.View, Print or Download a PDV Version of the Handbook

We thank you for your service, your dedication, and your commitment to public education. It is our hope that your time in our schools will be nothing short of engaging and enriching. 

We understand that when giving your time, you have a choice and we extend our sincere gratitude for choosing to spend your hours with us here in District 62.

The information in this handbook will help explain the background and purpose of our program, answer some frequently asked questions, and describe what you might encounter as a volunteer.

Our Mission

Empowering confident, future ready learners and productive citizens.

Picture of a parent volunteer at Iroquois putting up a book fair sign on the wall

Volunteer Program Goals 

  • Enrich the curriculum 
  • Improve students’ self-worth by increasing the opportunity for educational achievement
  • Assist the teacher with non-instructional tasks and duties 
  • Establish a school-community partnership for education 
  • Enhance all aspects of the educational process

The Role of a Volunteer in Education 

As a volunteer you will:

  • Receive assistance in finding the ideal role for you
  • Share your knowledge, wisdom and experience with others 
  • Help students achieve their potential
  • Continue to be an active and vital member of the school community 
  • Meet new people, develop new skills and discover new experiences 

Volunteer Rights

As a volunteer, you can expect a supervising staff member to: 

  • Introduce you to school personnel and explain your role
  • Decide the tasks to be completed and the amount of time needed
  • Determine the materials required and the location of the assignment
  • Inform you of any changes that may affect your assignment 

Create an atmosphere in which you feel comfortable asking questions

Volunteers are viewed as a very valuable resource of this school district, its staff, and its students.

Volunteers have the right to be given meaningful assignments, the right to be treated as equal co-workers, and the right to effective supervision.

In return, volunteers agree to perform their duties to the best of their abilities and follow the goals of the district and operate according to its procedures. 

School Volunteer Categories

Instructional Volunteers: Provide services to students and staff on a regular basis 

Resource Volunteers: Provide curriculum enrichment for students on an occasional basis. This may include discussing careers, demonstrating crafts, sharing collections or hobbies with a class, etc. 

Organization Volunteers: Comprise the school community organizations (PTO, PTA, Parent Leader Groups, Community Advisory Committees, Civic Groups, etc.) 

Volunteer Activities

The volunteer coordinator/principal will determine the activity that is best suited to each volunteer’s skills, interests, schedule, and the needs of the school. 

The following list is a sample of the areas in our schools where volunteers may be needed: 

General Volunteer Procedures and Responsibilities

  • All volunteers are required to complete an application prior to, or on their first day of volunteering, by visiting the district’s website.
  • Volunteers work under direct supervision of a district employee and are never to meet a child alone. 
  • Volunteers must sign in and wear an identification badge, provided by front office staff, each time they volunteer in the school or district office.
    • As of October 2022, the district introduced the Raptor Visitor Management System. Upon entering a district building, all visitors (even those volunteers already registered in our volunteer system) will be asked to present an ID, which will be scanned and entered into our system. If a parent, guardian, or other visitor is undocumented or for any reason does not have a US government-issued ID, another form of identification can be provided. Once entry is approved, Raptor will issue a badge that includes a photo, the name of the visitor, time, date, and purpose or destination of the visit. 
  • Volunteers should be on time.
  • If a volunteer is going to be absent for a scheduled activity, the volunteer should call the school with as much advance notice as possible and ask that the teacher and/or student be informed of their absence. 
  • Once the volunteer receives their assignment from the school volunteer coordinator or principal, the volunteer should meet with the teacher they have been assigned to. This will provide an opportunity to discuss their assignment and discuss their intent, goals and skills. 
  • Volunteers are asked to commit to only the time that they can realistically expect to fulfill. 
  • Volunteers participate in any training required by the school district. 
  • Volunteers should discuss satisfactions, dissatisfactions, and suggestions for changing their assignments with the volunteer coordinator. 
  • If there are issues or concerns in a classroom, including behavioral concerns, please report them to the classroom teacher.
  • Volunteers are expected to maintain strict confidentiality with any information they have access to. 
  • When questions arise about policies and procedures, volunteers should talk to the appropriate staff member (teacher, the principal, or school volunteer coordinator). 
  • Volunteers should be alert, sober and drug free. 
  • Please leave animals and small children at home or in someone else's care when coming into a district building to work unless given special permission. 
  • When students are promoted or transfer to another school, parent volunteers are asked to update their information. 

Sexual Offender Registry

As of July 2007, all volunteers are checked against the Illinois Sexual Offender Registry prior to being placed in any volunteer position. Volunteer coordinators will input and document the required data. Questions or concerns regarding sexual offender checks should be directed to the Director of Community Relations. 

Non-Discrimination Policy 

It is the policy of this agency that there will be no discrimination or harassment in its programs, activities or employment based on race, color, sex, sexual preference, marital or parental status, religion, national origin, age, mental or physical disability or military status. 

Disability Policy 

District 62 welcomes volunteers with disabilities. The district complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Please contact your support person if you have special requirements so we may accommodate your needs. 


You will be assigned to work with a staff member who will provide support and supervision. The staff member will provide on-the-job training and serve as a direct link between the volunteer and the rest of the staff. The number of hours volunteers work is based on the assignment.


Volunteers as Volunteer Supervisors 

A volunteer may act as a support person for other volunteers after appropriate training for the position has been completed. 

Volunteer/Staff Relationships 

Volunteers and staff are partners in fulfilling the mission and programs of District 62. Each has an equal but complementary role to play. 

Limitations on Volunteer Service 

Volunteers serve District 62 students and staff at the discretion of the district. Volunteers may leave District 62 at any time, however please notify the volunteer coordinator so accommodations may be made to fill the vacancy. 

Additional Volunteer Information


Volunteers are responsible for: 

  • Knowing and following the safety rules and regulations as explained by the volunteer coordinator or support person. 
  • Promote safe working conditions and habits. 
  • Knowing the emergency plan procedures for such incidents as serious accidents, bomb threats, power outage, etc. 
  • Making full use of safety equipment and safeguards provided for assigned tasks. 
  • Reporting immediately all unsafe work conditions to the volunteer coordinator or director. 

Safety Rules for Volunteers: 

  • If a volunteer is injured while on assignment, the accident should be immediately reported to your support person or the volunteer coordinator. An accident report must be completed within 24 hours. Medical assistance or treatment will be given if necessary. They should maintain contact with their work site and provide updates on their condition when off due to injury or accident. Registered volunteers have an accident/medical policy for injuries due to an accident while performing volunteer duties. 
  • In Case of Injury: All human blood and body fluids are to be treated as if they were infectious for HIV, Hepatitis B and other blood-borne pathogens. Volunteers should immediately inform the volunteer coordinator and support person if they believe they have been exposed to infection. 
  • First Aid: Volunteers should know where the Health Office is located. Every worksite has an emergency medical plan. 
  • Fire Plan: Your support person will show you where the fire plan is for your work area. Be sure you know your nearest exit.

Injury Prevention 

The following guidelines must be followed by all volunteers to prevent injury:

  • Do not attempt to physically assist someone without proper training from a staff member. 
  • Always obtain adequate help with a task if needed.
  • Always help supervise and be aware of any potentially dangerous situations. (Check floors for spills, remove obstacles, make sure furniture is stationary, etc.).

Board of Education Policies:

Current Board of Education Policies can be found here.

Again, thank you for taking the time to serve the students and staff of Community Consolidated School District 62. We look forward to working with you!