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Teach In CCSD62

Whether you're an experienced teacher, working towards your teacher certification, or still in school, CCSD62 welcomes and encourages you to learn more about being a part of our District.

We actively recruit teachers, paraprofessionals, and aides for on-campus positions in March-August and again in November and December. We encourage you to explore our current openings throughout the year to help fill positions that might have turned over during the school year.

As a teacher in CCSD62, you can expect to impact the lives of your students on a daily basis while growing personally and professionally.

As a paraprofessional or aide in CCSD62, you will provide integral support needed in the classroom and on our school campuses. Whether you are working with English language learners, pre-kindergarten students, or assisting students in our special programs, our paraprofessionals and aides consistently deliver compassion and dedication to CCSD62 students.

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Teacher Certification Requirements

CCSD62 requires a teaching certificate for the majority of on-campus positions. The link below shares information on teacher certification, alternative certification programs, and out-of-state certification requirements to help prepare you for applying for an open position.

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Salary schedule

The current starting teacher salary (0-4 years of experience) is $47,943. CCSD62 will increase the starting salary by $5,761 for a Master's Degree.

teacher salary schedule

Student Teaching Information

Let's put those courses to the test. In addition to employment opportunities, CCSD62 offers Student Teaching opportunities. This gives you the opportunity to mentor with CCSD62 educators as you conduct observation hours as part of your coursework and certification program.

It also provides you with hands-on experience working in our District and we get to know you and your skills while you work towards your Teacher Certification.

Student Teaching Process

Students will be considered for placement(s) in Des Plaines District 62 based upon the receipt of a written request provided by a college/university placement representative

The written request ensures that students have met university eligibility requirements for the placement requested, and have the necessary clearances from the college/university and/or District 62. 

Written requests should be directed to Julie Salmons Hubbard in the Human Resources Department at

Requests received at the school building level will be referred to the Human Resources Department, and will need to follow the same process outlined in this email.

The written request from the college/university should contain the following information:

  1. Name of the student
  2. Demographic information for the student (address, email address, phone number)
  3. Type of placement (i.e. observation, practicum, student teaching, internship)
  4. Number of hours/days required for the placement
  5. Specific dates for the placement
  6. Grade level and/or subject area requested
  7. Student’s resume (if available)
  8. Student’s transcripts (for student teaching only)
  9. Confirmation form to be signed and returned to the college/university
  10.  Any other items required by the college/university and/or District 62

District 62 compiles a list of student placement requests across all colleges/universities and sends the list to building principals for candidate placement consideration at least twice per year.

  • Principals/Administrators confer with teachers and/or related services staff to determine suitable matches.  
  • Human Resources is notified when a student teacher is accepted.  
  • Universities are notified by Human Resources of placement acceptance or decline.

Student Teaching Requirements

The following items are required for Student Teacher or Full Year Practicum/Internship placements ONLY (students are not cleared to begin until they have been notified by D62 Human Resources that all of their clearance items have been received):

D62 Human Resources will send students an email outlining the instructions for completing the pre-placement requirements a minimum of one month prior to the scheduled placement start date.

  • Fingerprinting - must be completed with the North Cook Intermediate Service Center in Des Plaines (students are responsible for the cost of the fingerprinting)
  • Physical exam and TB test - must be completed within 90 days prior to the start of the student teaching/internship assignment (students are responsible for the cost of the physical exam/TB test)
  • D62 Race/Ethnicity Data Form
  • Student Teacher Orientation - date and time determined by D62 Human Resources

Student placement documentation will be maintained in the Human Resources Department for a period of two (2) years from the date of placement.

Please contact Erika Abreu at or with questions.