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Vision 20/20
Fulfilling the Promise of Public Education

District 62 Administrators Launch Vision 20/20

District 62 Administrators Launch Vision 20/20

District 62 administrators are partnering with a group of Illinois education experts that advocate reforms to Illinois’ educational system, all of which center on offering the highest-quality K – 12 education possible.

The Vision 20/20 initiative includes representatives from the Illinois Association of School Administrators, the Illinois Principals Association, the Illinois Association of School Boards, the Illinois Association of Regional Superintendents of Schools and more.

The group consist of people who understand school finances, the constraints imposed on schools by state funding shortfalls and unfunded mandates, and the challenges of cobbling a budget with fewer resources every year while still offering an adequate education.

In the view of the Vision 20/20 group, schools are overregulated, underfunded and unequal in every direction. But the group also believes there are opportunities for improvement. Among Vision 20/20’s recommendations:

  • Allow teacher-licensing reciprocity agreements so that teachers from other states can more easily come to Illinois districts.
  • Offer teacher student loan forgiveness so that minority teachers statewide can benefit.
    • Fund mentoring programs to support young or new teachers.
    • Expand high-speed Internet access in schools and communities throughout Illinois.
    • Focus on “whole child” education, encourage student creativity and innovation, and encourage individualized learning.
    • Develop a balanced state assessment system so that data is produced that actually helps in developing instruction and supporting innovation in the classroom, and thereby decreases the overall amount of time and money districts spend assessing students.
    • Expand preschool and full-day kindergarten.
    • Allow current educators to serve on the Illinois State Board of Education.
    • Allow districts to opt out of unfunded mandates and regulations. There are more than 200 of them in Illinois that require time and money.
    • Adequately fund schools using an evidenced-based funding model (the group does not support SB 16 because it addresses equity but not adequacy), and create a two-year funding cycle to accommodate year-ahead budgeting for local districts.

Please visit to learn more about Vision 20/20.


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The mission of the Des Plaines Community Education System is to equip our students with the skills necessary for their success as responsible citizens, productive workers, and lifelong learners by providing the best possible educational climate, curriculum, resources, and staff.

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