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Crossing Guards

Keeping Our Children Safe – Back to School is an important time for District 62 students and families. Sadly, it’s also an important day for Stranger Dangers. District 62 works closely with the District 62 school resource officer, local police departments, and our staff to ensure the safety of our students. Learn more...

Crossing Guards Locations Revised

District 62 was notified of reductions in crossing guard coverage provided by the Des Plaines Police Department (DPPD).

Your child’s route to school crossing guards will be available at the following intersections:

  • Post Street1 Street 2 School
  • 1 River Perry North
  • 2 Lee Perry North
  • 3 Graceland Perry North
  • 4 Elk Rand North
  • 5 Elk Rand North
  • 6 Golf Sixth CMS/Cumberland
  • 7 State Wolf (Circle) CMS/Cumberland
  • 8 State Wolf (Circle) CMS/Cumberland
  • 9 Rand Third CMS/Cumberland
  • 10 Rand Wolf CMS/Cumberland
  • 11 Rand Wolf CMS/Cumberland
  • 12 Algonquin Cora Central
  • 13 Thacker Cora Central
  • 14 Thacker Center Central
  • 15 Thacker Outerbelt Terrace
  • 16 Wolf Thacker Terrace
  • 17 Westgate Thacker Terrace
  • 18 Wolf Golf CMS/Terrace
  • L19 Forest Fifth AMS/Forest
  • 20 Forest Wolf AMS/Forest
  • 21 Forest Wolf AMS/Forest
  • 22 Algonquin Fifth AMS/Forest
  • 23 Algonquin Wolf AMS/Forest
  • 24 Howard Lee Plainfield
  • 25 Howard Plainfield Plainfield
  • 26 Everett Cora South
  • 27 Touhy Maple ICS
  • 28 Touhy Birch ICS

Keeping students safe is the number one priority for District 62. We will continue working very closely with the DPPD to provide safe routes to schools and notify you of any future changes.

If you have questions or concerns about crossing guard coverage, please contact at Officer Mike Heidcamp at (847) 391-5408, or you may visit

Back to School Safety - Crossing Intersections

District 62 has eleven schools throughout Des Plaines. Children are found walking to and from these schools throughout the entire school year. Crossing guards are present to help children cross the streets safely. In Des Plaines there are approximately 41 schools crossing zones where crossing guards are stationed. Crossing guards wear a traffic safety vest and hold a portable stop sign making it easy to identify them. Everyone must obey his or her lawful commands. State law requires full obedience to crossing guards, equal to that of a police officer. Any person convicted of violating this law is subject to a mandatory fine of $150.00.

Please visit Des Plaines City Service Crossing Guard web page and view Crossing Guard Map. For more information regarding crossing guards, please call Officer Michael Heidkamp - Crossing Guard Coordinator, Des Plaines Police Department 847-391-5408.

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