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2007-08 School Year

CHIP Team at Board Meeting

The 5th Grade CHIP Team presented their Rain Forest unit at the District 62 Board Meeting. The project was selected for Tech 2008 to demonstrate the integration of technology into the curriculum.

Variety Show

Terrace Students and Staff members show off their talents and interests at the Variety Show.

Children’s Author To Kick-Off Writing Celebration

Lulu Delacre

Lulu Delacre, renowned multi-cultural children's author, will work with Terrace Elementary School students from 9:15 a.m. -2:00 p.m.,Thursday, March 13, as a part of the Writers Workshop that is sponsored by Terrace each year. Her visit is the official beginning of our "Around the World" celebration that will culminate during the last week in April during Terrace’s Academic Celebration.

Lulu Delacre began her career as an illustrator in 1980; shortly after graduating from art school, but quickly moved into writing her own picture-book texts for young children with her 1986 work Nathan and Nicholas Alexander. While continuing to create artwork for authors such as Georgina Lázaro, Carmen T. Bernier-Grand, and Lucía M. González, Delacre has also explored her own Latina heritage in works such as Golden Tales: Myths, Legends, and Folktales from Latin America, Arrorró mi niño: Latino Lullabies and Gentle Games, and Rafi and Rosi, the last a picture book that depicts the day-to-day goings-on in the lives of two tree frogs in Delacre's characteristic pastel-toned colored pencil and watercolor wash.

"I delight in creating books that portray my own culture with authenticity in both words and pictures," Delacre noted on her Web site. "And if painting the people and the places of Latin America true to their own beauty fosters respect; or if sharing some of their golden tales builds bridges, I want to keep on doing it."

Send Your Soles

Shoe DriveEver wonder what to do with the shoes you own that are still in great condition, but you don’t wear? Jay Lair, Terrace Physical Education teacher, has the answer. His cousin, who is a soldier in Iraq, has noticed that the school children who live in the town where he’s stationed are in desperate need of shoes. Terrace Elementary School is collecting gently worn shoes until Friday, February 8. Donations may be dropped off in the family area of the school and will be sent to the

The Spirit Soars at Terrace

A recent cultural arts assembly, Spirit of the Eagle presented by Jon Jordan, inspired students in Mary Truschke and Susan Turner’s fifth grade class at Terrace Elementary School to work on a unit about Native Americans. Students worked in teams to research a tribe and were required to find information about the food, clothing, shelter, and geographic location of the tribe they selected. Oral classroom presentations were given that featured posters designed by the teams.

Students were asked to write a Native American Myth based on nature. Erin Smith, (LMC Specialist), kicked off the writing project by reading several myths to the students. Mary Ann Ales (English Language Learner Specialist), Janet Callebert (Special Education Resource Teacher), and Elizabeth Kennedy (Art Teacher) also worked with the students to provide an integrated project. Students were given the opportunity to earn extra credit by completing additional project that featured Native American art work, reports on a famous Native American or the Native American War; sign language, picture stories, artifacts, English words that have been adopted from Native Americans, handicrafts, information about modern Native Americans and masks. Students presented their projects in several different ways, ranging from dioramas to written reports.

Monday, October 15, several Terrace students along with their teachers and Principal, Nancy Bang, presented their projects to the Board of Education. The following students presented: Patrick Czu,j Matthew Rychtarczyk, Luis Jimenez, Filip Libera, Jake Gertie, Tom Jablenski, Suzanne Kukec, Kirsten Langridge, Tori Pratt, Nia Oscar, Michael Boyd, Kevin Meskan, Kate Barzano, and Francesca Colucci.

School Year off to a Great Start!

Terrace teachers


Terrace School has gotten off to a great start this year!  Thanks to all of the parents, staff, and students for your cooperation with the new lineup procedures.  Everyone seems to be catching on quickly.

The Meet & Greet was Thursday, September 6th.  There was a good turnout of parents at this event.  Thanks to everyone who braved the weather to come out and meet the staff.



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