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Please ask LMC Specialist for accessing online resources

Phone Basic:
Speed dials can be very useful

– by Christie Howard

Forwarding calls to your vicemail:
CFwdALL + messages

Forwarding calls to your cell or outside line:
CFwdALL +8 +1 and phone number to ring to

Forwarding calls to another desk:
CFwdALL +Extension

Transfer calls:
Transf +7 +Extension = goes directly to voicemail
Transf +Extension = rings phone

Conference call:
More +Confr +Extension +Confr

Meet me conference:
More +MeetMe +Extension (2300 – 2399)

Park a call:
More +Park pickup call at any phone with given extension, e.g. 2000

Push incoming call to your voicemail:
Divert store overflow of calls for a follow up


Request Technical Support in District 62

Call (847) 824-8115 | Email:

Please direct all technology service requests to
If you are unable to email your request or if you need to speak to a technician, please call the technology team (847) 824-8115

Technology liaison dedicated to children and classroom support
Cheris Beaty
North School,
Technology Liaison
Emily Benoit
Chippewa School,
Technology Liaison
Cathy Borge
Iroquois School,
Technology Liaison
Elena Caceres
South School,
Technology Liaison
Anita Compart
Early Learning Center,
Technology Liaison
Jason Hanrahan
Plainfield School,
Technology Liaison
Kris Herigodt
Chippewa School,
Technology Liaison
Deb Muraiti
South School,
Technology Liaison
Lisa Nagy
Terrace School,
Technology Liaison
Cindy Proffitt
Forest School,
Technology Liaison
Leigh Radnitzer
Central School,
Technology Liaison
Carmina Salgado
Chippewa School,
Technology Liaison
Cathy Smith
Orchard Place School
Technology Liaison
Leah Strom
Cumberland School,
Technology Liaison
Gloria Suriano
Orchard Place School
Technology Liaison
Erin Wengerhoff
Algonquin School,
Technology Liaison
Barb Zachwieja
Cumberland School,
Technology Liaison
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Jennie Magiera
Chief Technology Officer

Summer Equipment Checkout
Request Form

Request Tech Help
Please email all support requests to
or call 847-824-8115
to speak to support staff
Mon - Fri 8:00 am – 4:00 pm.

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