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Continuum of Special Education

District 62 maintains a full continuum of special education instructional programs, resource programs and related services options based on the nature and degree of the intervention needed for students with varying disabilities including, but not limited to, Learning Disabilities, Severe Emotional Disorders, Autism, Speech and Language, Mild Intellectual Disability, and Other Health Impaired.

Continuum of Program Services


  • Student does not receive direct services from special ed. staff; rather special education staff works with general education staff to adapt curriculum, develop interventions, make modifications, etc.

Itinerant Services

  • Student participates in general education (or if preschool age, may not be in school)
  • Receives support in area(s) of need (i.e. speech/language, occupational therapy, physical therapy, social work, vision, orientation/mobility, hearing)
  • The case manager is generally the therapist/teacher providing the service (i.e. speech therapist, itinerant hearing teacher, vision specialist)

Resource (less than 50% of the school day)

  • Student participates in general education instruction
  • Support is received from a special education teacher (who is also the case manager)
  • May receive push in or pull out supports and services, depending on needs of student
  • May receive related services such as speech-language, social work, occupational therapy, physical therapy, hearing services, etc.

Blended Classroom (pre-k/k)

  • The classroom is a mix of general education and special education students
  • Taught by a teacher who is dually certified in special education and early childhood education and related services provided as determined by the IEP
  • The special education students have IEP’s and their cases are managed by the special education teacher

Instructional (more than 50% of the school day)

  • A majority of the student’s academic subjects are taught by a special education teacher
  • Small class size
  • Classroom teaching assistant support may be included
  • All students within the instructional program have IEP’s
  • Students have opportunities for inclusion in general education programming based on strengths
  • Inclusive settings may include specials, content area of strength, lunch, extra curricular activities, etc.
  • Current instructional programming in the district includes
    1. Cross-categorical instructional with modified academic curriculum and specialized instruction as needed (pre-k-8)
    2. ED instructional classroom offers an academic program with support for emotional and behavioral needs
    3. Educational Life Skills (ELS) offers academic and life skills programming for students with a need for significantly modified curriculum
    4. Structured Teaching Educational Program (STEP) offers academic programming for students within a structured setting, focusing on supports for successful inclusion in general education classrooms
    5. Structured Opportunities Achieve Results (SOAR) offers academic and life skills curriculum in a highly structured setting
    6. Multiple Needs Program offers academic and life skills programming with significantly modified curriculum to students with significant medical and/or physical challenges

Day School Programming

  • Housed in a location outside of D62 schools
  • Offers intensive interventions within a special education school. All students qualify for special education services.
  • For students with emotional/behavioral needs, this setting may include a therapeutic component to the educational process, with licensed counselors and/or therapists on site for sessions and/or processing
  • Smaller class sizes
  • Alternate/Modified curriculum as necessary


Student Services Staff

Ellen Swanson, Ph. D.
Assistant Superintendent of Student Services (847) 824-1159

Margarite Beniaris
Director of Student Services & Westerhold ELC

Erica Cupuro
Student Services Coordinator

Kristan Krupinski
Student Services Coordinator

Stacy LaMarca
Student Services Coordinator

Rose Slivka
Student Services Coordinator

Jeanine Creviston
Administrative Assistant to the Department of Student Services

Lisa Fitzpatrick
Administrative Assistant to the Department of Student Services

Individualized Education

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