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Student Services is an integral part of the total program offered to serve students in School District 62. Student Services includes the areas of Special Education, 504 Plans, Health Services, STAR Preschool, SPARK Programs, and issues relative to student discipline, residency, records, safety and homelessness.

Student services and general education staff work collaboratively to meet the needs of all of our students. This site provides information concerning referral, eligibility, programs, services and parent involvement.

Recommendations regarding eligibility are made by a consensus of members of the Service Team.  In order for eligibility to occur, the student must be found to exhibit one or more exceptional characteristics that adversely affect his or her educational performance and require special education and related services. 

A student who is experiencing difficulties in school may be referred to the school problem solving team or student support team by a teacher, parent, principal or other concerned person. The team reviews referral information and collaborates with the classroom teacher to develop intervention strategies designed to facilitate student success within the general education classroom.

Parents are invited to their child’s team meeting. Student support teams also determine the need for case study evaluation.  When an evaluation is discussed, parents are notified in writing of the team’s decision as to the need for an evaluation. Written parental consent must be obtained before an initial case study evaluation is initiated.

Upon completion of the case study evaluation, parents are invited to a formal conference at which evaluation results are reviewed and eligibility for services is determined. If a student is eligible for special education services, an Individual Education Program is developed.

Parent Involvement
The District 62 Special Education Department believes a cooperative effort between parents and school is necessary to provide the most beneficial programs and services for students.  Parents are encouraged to contact their children’s teachers with any questions or concerns related to the programs and services provided.  Student support team staff and program consultants are also available to assist parents and students.  The Special Education staff is committed to working with parents to provide a positive, productive learning environment for students.

Through parent/teacher conferences and progress reports, parents are regularly informed of their student’s progress toward annual goals.

Programs to address student achievement are the heart of special education.  There are special education programs for students with all types of disabilities. These include:

  1. Early Childhood Program
  2. Educational Life Skills Programs for students’
    Kindergarten through Grade 8
  3. Resource and instructional level programs defined by student need 
  4. Programs for students with hearing and vision impairments   
  5. Homebound Services

The Student Services provides all related services specified in Federal and State Law. These include:

  1. Physical and Occupational Therapy
  2. Orientation & Mobility  
  3. Speech and Language Therapy
  4. Health Services*  
  5. Psychological Services*
  6. Social Work Services*

* These services apply to all District students as needed including students who receive special education.

Student Services Staff

Ellen Swanson, Ph. D.
Assistant Superintendent of Student Services (847) 824-1159

Margarite Beniaris
Director of Student Services & Westerhold ELC

Erica Cupuro
Student Services Coordinator

Kristan Krupinski
Student Services Coordinator

Stacy LaMarca
Student Services Coordinator

Rose Slivka
Student Services Coordinator

Jeanine Creviston
Administrative Assistant to the Department of Student Services

Lisa Fitzpatrick
Administrative Assistant to the Department of Student Services

Individualized Education

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