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Educational Life Skills

Community Consolidated School District 62 hosts classes for students in Districts 62 and 64 to provide educational services to children who demonstrate significantly below average cognitive abilities and adaptive behavior. Students may also have multiple disabilities and/or autism.

This program provides for students who may be described as having mild, moderate, severe, or profound mental impairment as determined by a full case study evaluation.

Services may be provided through a resource push-in program, a pull-out resource program or a full instructional program depending on the student’s individual needs and the severity of the handicapping condition.

This program is a collaborative team-based approach to serve children with cognitive, physical and communication disabilities, a program that provides structured teaching for children with autism and cognitive disabilities and a third program that provides educational life skills.  Emphasis is placed on the development of academic and life skills, including independence, personal-care, perceptual motor and recreation and leisure skills.

Services to support the child’s educational program may include: assistive technology, occupational and physical therapy, school nursing, school psychology, social work, speech and language therapy, and vision services.

For additional information, please write to Kristan Krupinski, Student Services Coordinator.

Student Services Staff

Ellen Swanson, Ph. D.
Assistant Superintendent of Student Services (847) 824-1159

Margarite Beniaris
Director of Student Services & Westerhold ELC

Erica Cupuro
Student Services Coordinator

Kristan Krupinski
Student Services Coordinator

Stacy LaMarca
Student Services Coordinator

Rose Slivka
Student Services Coordinator

Jeanine Creviston
Administrative Assistant to the Department of Student Services

Lisa Fitzpatrick
Administrative Assistant to the Department of Student Services

Individualized Education

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