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May 2017 through April 2018

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  • Monday, May 15
  • Monday, June 19
  • Monday, July 17
  • Monday, August 21
  • Monday, September 18
  • Monday, October 16
  • Monday, November 20
  • Monday, December 18

  • Tuesday, January 16
  • Tuesday, February 20
  • Monday, March 19
  • Monday, April 16

Unless notified to the contrary, all meetings will be held at 7:00 p.m. in the Boardroom at Forest Elementary School, 1375 Fifth Avenue, Des Plaines, IL 60016


About Board Meetings

The Board of Education normally meets on the third Monday of each month. When these days fall on a holiday, the meeting is moved to the next evening (Tuesday). Special meetings are scheduled as required. In accordance with the Illinois Freedom of Information Act, closed meetings are held only for consideration of certain items, which include student disciplinary cases, personnel, property, security issues, real estate transactions, and legal matters.

Meetings begin at 7:00 p.m. in the Board Room of Forest Elementary School, 1375 Fifth Avenue, Des Plaines, Illinois. To confirm meeting times and dates, call the Leon Smaage Administration Center at 847-824-1136. Meeting agenda are posted to the district website, the Administration Center, and the Des Plaines Public Library.

Presenting Views
District 62 residents are welcome to present their views to the Board. Simply submit a blue comment card that is available at the sign-in area or wait to receive recognition by the President during the Public Comment portion of the meeting. Time is reserved at board meetings for public testimony on matters that are on the agenda for new business or action or on matters that have been introduced for new business at previous meetings and have not been acted upon. Speakers will be asked to state their names and addresses for the public record. Comments should be directed to the Board, not the audience or staff members. The Board President will first call on those who completed the blue comment cards. The President reserves the right to limit the time and the number of speakers allotted for public participation.

During the period reserved for comments, the Board will not hear statements involving cases under litigation, issues that have been scheduled for a public hearing, or complaints regarding individual employees or students. The Board strives to receive citizen input with respect and expects those who address the Board to observe the same courtesy.

The School Board At Work
The Board of Education is charged with deciding the direction District 62 will take now and in the future. It sets a wide variety of policies and standards describing what schools are expected to accomplish.

The single most important job of a school board is to employ a superintendent and to hold him or her responsible for managing the schools in accordance with state law and the school board’s policies. Some of the other responsibilities and decisions board members are expected to make include:

  • Setting and approving all school district policies
  • Approving the school curriculum
  • Approving the employment of staff and the administration
  • Negotiating and approving contracts with unions in the school district

Each board member serves as a liaison and is responsible for leading that portion of group discussions. Discussions focus on district-wide ends, or goals and outcomes the Board would like to achieve. The liaison assignments are:

  • Building – Sharon Lynch
  • Community Relations – Raymond Imig
  • Finance – Ronald Burton
  • Personnel – James Poskozim
  • Policy – Beth Morley
  • Education – Brian Inzerello

For more information, please write to Margaret Goodchild, Secretary to the Baord of Education

Board of Education

Stephanie Duckmann, President
James Poskozim, Vice President
Ronald Burton, Member
Raymond Imig, Member
Brian Inzerello, Member
Sharon Lynch, Member
Beth Morley, Member

Margaret Goodchild,
Secretary to the Board of Education

In accordance with Public Act 98-0930, you may contact Board of Education members directly via email

FOIA – Requests under the Illinois Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) may be sent via email to

For meeting times and dates, please call the Leon Smaage Administration Center at 847-824-1136

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