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School Employee Wellness Program

Wellness is a choice to assume responsibility for the quality of your life. It begins with a purposeful decision to shape a healthy lifestyle.

School Employee Wellness Program, 62 LiveWell, foster an alternative to dependency on doctors and drugs. It advocates principles for good health. The activities most closely practiced by our employees include social responsibility, exercise and fitness, nutrition, stress management, critical thinking, humor and play, and effective relationships.

Wellness Information:

  1. Improving Employee Health Through Weight Management,
    Nutrition and Exercise Coaching
  2. Focused on Quitting and Staying Tobacco Free
  3. Vision for a Healthy and Fit Nation
  4. Benefits of Wellness Programs

Wellness Activities:

  1. Activities such as walking clubs, greatest losers, etc.
  2. Physical Inactivity Cost Calculator

Annual Wellness Screening Information:

  1. Screening schedule and pertinent link for scheduling an appointment
  2. Alternative Qualification Wellness (Employee Forms)

Vendor Links:

  1. BC/BS Wellmark - Health and Wellness
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Dr. Paul E. Hertel
Associate Superintendent
(847) 824-1061

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