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Middle School Students You Should Know

The Des Plaines District 62 Board of Education recognizes outstanding middle school students each year. Nominated by teachers and administration, these students demonstrate outstanding scholarship, inspire others by overcoming difficulties and challenges, volunteer in their school and community, help their classmates and are involved in every aspect of the middle school experience. The following students received Middle School Students You Should Know awards by the Board of Education on May 18.

Academic Excellence: Pavani Jairam, Iroquois Community School; Davis Parks, Chippewa Middle School, Andrew Willett, Algonquin Middle School

Enthusiastic Learner: Dave Buga-ay, Chippewa Middle School; Michael Liston Algonquin Middle School; Carmin Raciti, Iroquois Community School

Exceptional Service to School and Community: Claire Faust, Chippewa Middle School; Nina Pillai, Iroquois Community School; Samantha Poplawski, Algonquin Middle School

Leadership Qualities: Leah Kuhn, Algonquin Middle School; Zophia Perez, Iroquois Community School; Jonathan Picchiotti, Chippewa Middle School

Outstanding Character: Kathryn Anderson, Chippewa Middle School; Marina Orrico, Iroquois Community School; Ivonne Sanchez, Algonquin Middle School

Peer Mentor: Kaitlin Heimbach, Chippewa Middle School; Sean Neiman Iroquois Community School; Alicia Sanchez, Algonquin Middle School

Positive Attitude, Behavior and Effort: Jenna Cooper, Algonquin Middle School; Jason Mueller, Chippewa Middle School; Zaphillia Yost, Iroquois Community School

Positive Role Model: Daniel Mabrito, Chippewa Middle School; Jenna Robbins, Algonquin Middle School; Kamila Szwedo, Iroquois Community School

Positive School Spirit and Good Sportsmanship: Alyson Block, Algonquin Middle School; Jamilee Jones, Chippewa Middle School; Erika Madrigal, Iroquois Community School

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Students recieve awards for: Academic Excellence; Enthusiastic Learner; Exceptional Service to School and Community; Leadership Qualities; Outstanding Character; Peer Mentor; Positive Attitude, Behavior, and Effort; Positive Role Model; Positive School Spirit and Good Sportsmanship.

This program could not be offered without the contributions of our middle school staff and administrators. Thank you to:

  • John Swanson and Dr. Jennifer Rosenzweig, Algonquin Middle School
  • Dr. Leah Kimmelman and Denise Fernandez, Chippewa Middle School
  • Dr. Michael Amadei, Iroquois Community School

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