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Olweus Bullying Prevention Program – During the 2011-2012 school year, Des Plaines School District 62 implementied the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program. This research-based program has been approved by our Board of Education and supports a safe and respectful learning environment for all students. Learn more...

For assistance with bullying prevention please contact:

Peter Martin, Social Worker
(847) 824-1532, or

Debra Kaufmann, Social Worker
(847) 824-1532, or

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Attributable to Dr. Jane L. Westerhold, Superintendent, Des Plaines School District 62. Learn more...

March 17, 2010
Contact: Mindy Ward, Director of Community Relations
Des Plaines School District 62
(847) 824-8070

Des Plaines School District 62 uses a progressive discipline policy with an emphasis on resolving issues and keeping students in the classroom. Our teachers are skilled in classroom management techniques that protect the learning environment for all students. Please reference the School Board Policy link for a full copy of the District 62 Board policy and Parent/Student Handbook content regarding student discipline.

When a student is involved in behavior that is inappropriate for the classroom and disruptive to others, an “in-school suspension” is a common intervention identified as a disciplinary measure in Board of Education Policy 7:190 and the District 62 Parent/Student Handbook. It is not used when students are physically or emotionally out of control, but when they engage in the type of conduct that is not appropriate in the learning environment. Typical infractions that result in an in-school suspension include using inappropriate language, disrupting other students’ learning repeatedly, showing disrespect for staff, or throwing food at lunch. Special needs students may require an individualized approach to address their behavioral issues. When necessary, the special education team may conduct a functional behavioral analysis and then develop a behavior plan.

Students assigned to in-school suspension are provided with the learning materials necessary to continue their class work, additionally allowing parents to continue their regular schedule knowing that their children remain focused on their academic work at school.

Each District 62 school has a designated in-school suspension area. For example, at Algonquin Middle School, this area is an 8' x 7'4" room similar in size and design to the offices used by educational support staff, such as social workers, psychologists, and speech and language professionals throughout the District. This space has appropriate ventilation, lighting, a fire alarm and access to washrooms.

Due to the infrequency of in-school suspensions, we have determined that it is not necessary to have a larger space designated for this disciplinary intervention. In fact, during this past year, only 1.8% of the students have been assigned to in-school suspension out of 4,812 PreK-8 students districtwide. Students assigned to in-school suspension are monitored by a staff member.

Parents are notified by phone and mail when students are assigned to in-school suspension. These communications outline the specific offense(s), the consequences and the due process rights of parents. As professional educators, we believe it is appropriate for student disciplinary issues to be handled directly and privately between teachers, school administrators, parents and students. As such, District officials will not comment on disciplinary matters involving specific students.

PBIS Videos – Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be Responsible
As part of Iroquois Community School's bully prevention program the staff and students produced this video titled, "It Happens Here", to best educate all stakeholders on what bullying is and to emphasize that by working together great change can occur.

Bullying Expert Advises Parents to Get Involved

  • Superintendent's Letter to Parents - Bullying Toolkit - English | Español

Nodding heads, tears, and hugs signified that a respected bullying, cyber-bullying, and teen depression expert’s parenting suggestions hit home. Tuesday evening John Halligan, who lost his 13-year old son Ryan to suicide, shared Ryan’s Story with District 62 parents. The audience embraced the lessons that Halligan learned from his family’s ordeal, as well as strategies and insights that parents could use.

Earlier in the day, Halligan shared his story with Algonquin and Chippewa Middle School students. Halligan talked with students about the consequences of being the perpetrator or receiver of bullying. He also discussed the role of bystanders and the importance of students talking with their parents, teachers, and/or school administrators when bullying begins. Halligan openly answered student questions and admitted where his family made mistakes. His message was so poignant, that many students returned with their parents for the evening presentation.

In his evening presentation, Halligan advised parents to get involved in their child’s cyberspace by sitting at the computer with them and letting the child teach them about Internet use. He also stressed establishing clear and enforceable guidelines and questioning how much technology and access does a child need. Please visit for more information about Ryan’s Story and to learn more bout bullying, depression, and suicide prevention.

District 62 Foundation sponsored middle school and parent presentations.

WATCH ABC7NEWS VIDEO (Time 00:01:54)

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