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School District 62 - Volunteer Tutoring Program

You can help a child learn to love reading and learning! Would you be willing to spend one hour a week doing something fun and fulfilling especially if you knew it could change a child's life forever? If your answer is Yes, please consider being a tutor, mentor and friend for a child who needs help developing reading and language skills.

Through the OASIS Intergenerational Tutoring program, volunteers at Central, Orchard Place, Plainfield, and South Elementary Schools work to help children build reading skills, self-esteem and positive attitudes toward learning. Training and materials are provided; no teaching experience is needed.

How do I become a tutor? – You begin by completing the tutor training program, which is scheduled from 9 a.m-12 Noon, Wednesday, September 24, and Thursday, September 25, in the Forest Elementary School Board Room, 1375 Fifth Street, Des Plaines, IL.

Do I need teaching experience? – No. Your enthusiasm, patience and compassion are far more important. Your roles as a tutor are those of a friend and a role model.

What age are the children? – The program is designed for children in kindergarten through grade three, a critical period for developing reading and language skills.

Where and when will I tutor? – You may choose either Central, South, Orchard Place or Plainfield Elementary Schools. Your school district coordinator will help you find a time during the school day for your tutoring sessions.

What training will I receive? – Tutors complete an extensive training program based on a proven six-part plan of activities. You'll learn ways to draw out the child's experiences and create simple stories that form the basis for reading.

I am interested . . . tell me more.
For Tutor Training, please contact 847-824-8070 or write to MeLinda Ward to register and more information.

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Swine Flu Information

There is a great deal of concern right now about the Swine Influenza (Flu) we are hearing about all over the news. Click on the links to the Centers for Disease Control Questions & Answers page about Swine Influenza. It covers the current information about the disease, symptoms, treatment, how to prevent spreading the disease if you are sick, as well as how to protect yourself from catching the virus.

Feel free to contact Donna Zenger RN, ILCSN if you have questions.
(847) 824-4901 or (847) 908-5179

    MRSA (Staph) Information Resources
  1. MRSA Health Beat, Illinois Department of Public Health
  2. Community-Associate MRSA Information for the Public. U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

    Meningitis Information Resource
  1. Illinois Department of Health

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