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Illinois School Report Card - 2012
District 62 students consistently perform at or above the state minimum target for attendance, reading, mathematics, and graduation. Reading score 83.1% is close to meeting the Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) target of 85.0% meeting or exceeding standards. Students in grades 3, 5, 6, and 8 made gains from 2011 to 2012. Scores in grades 4 and 7 remained consistent.
Hard copies are available in each school office.

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TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 10, 2015 | 4:30 – 7:30 PM

D62 Kindergarten Registration Announced

Tuesday, February 10, 2015 is a very important date in School District 62. When the day is over, Iroquois Community School and every elementary school will register the first members of the School District 62 Class of 2024. This annual event is called Kindergarten Registration, and is the tradition of pre-registering students who will be 5 years old on or before September 1, 2015.

Kindergarten Registration Flyer: English | Español | Learn more...

To register, parents or guardians must bring the child’s birth certificate and proof of residence in District 62. Parents can apply to the county clerk in the county where their child was born to receive a copy of the birth certificate. Registration forms, immunization requirements, and other materials will be distributed at each school.

Announcing Inclement Weather and School Closings
Community Consolidated School District 62 understands that when winter weather arrives, students, parents and staff want to be informed quickly in the event that schools are closed on any particular day.

These decisions are made through a collaborative discussion by the Superintendent of District 62, Dr. Jane L. Westerhold, working with Superintendents from Elementary Districts East Maine 63, Park Ridge-Niles 64, Pennoyer 79 and Maine Township 207. Working together, the superintendents assess weather and road conditions, forecasts and other relevant factors.

In the rare event that the superintendents decide at night to close schools the next day, that decision generally would be made by 9:30 p.m. and publicized through automated phone calls, District 62 website postings, the Emergency Closing Center and District 62 social media by 10:00 PM.

More often, superintendents make these decisions in the early morning, when they have a more complete and accurate assessment of conditions for that day. In these cases, a decision about opening or closing school will be made by 5:30 a.m. Any decision to close schools is publicized by phone, District 62 web sites, Chicago TV stations, the Emergency Closing Center and District 62 social media as quickly as possible after that time.

Parents can help ensure that they get the word of any closings by making sure that their contact information on file with District 62 is up to date by calling their child’s school. Adapted from Keeping an Eye on the Winter Weather prepared by Maine Township 207.

This year, the fourth grade students made ornaments with paper plates and colored felts for the North School's Christmas tree at the Metropolitan Square for the City of Des Plaines's annual holiday tree lighting ceremony on December 5th. Thank you to many staff members, students and their families for coming out and helping us hang the ornaments.

On November 18th, the fifth grade students took a field trip to the Art Institute of Chicago and participated in a guided tour entitled Clues from the Past. The museum docents showed the students some collection highlights and led discussions on the meanings of some artworks and how works of art reflect the way people lived in the past. After lunch, the teachers led students in a self-guided tour in the Impressionism galleries, American Art galleries, and Thorne Miniature galleries. Before the field trip, the students watched an introductory video on the Art Institute and on how to behave properly in the art galleries. They are currently working on a Claude Monet inspired Impressionism painting project in art class, and the students saw many original Impressionistic paintings and learned about the stories behind them.


Walking It Forward – A warm, sunny fall day set the stage for the Second Annual Walk Off for Cancer sponsored by North Elementary School to benefit the Anthony Rizzo Family Foundation.

Friday, September 19th, more than 450 students, teachers, and staff walked the exterior perimeter of the school building. They celebrated the joy of physical exercise, being outdoors, and raising money to help others. More than 25 miles were covered and the walk raised $3,000. The 2014 total was almost three times the $1,100 amount donated last year. Every class contributed. The top three donations were made by the students of Janet Hansen ($301), Kristin Ross ($353), and Jeff Lisy ($521).

The Anthony Rizzo Family Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded by Chicago Cubs First Baseman Anthony Rizzo. Anthony realized during his own battle with cancer that no matter how difficult fighting cancer was for him, it was even more difficult for his family. Anthony believes that an individual does not battle cancer alone, but that the whole family does. The Mission of the Anthony Rizzo Family Foundation is to raise money for cancer research and to provide support to children and their families battling the disease. The Foundation is run entirely by Anthony’s family, his close friends and his management team with Anthony providing oversight and leadership.

Arbor Day

Arbor Day Ceremony Held at North – On Friday, April 25th, 2014, North Elementary School hosted the annual Des Plaines Arbor Day Ceremony. In attendance were Board of Education President Brenda Murphy, Dr. Jane L. Westerhold, and Associate Superintendent Paul Hertel. Des Plaines Aldermen Patti Haugeberg, Mike Charewicz, John Robinson, and Denise Rodd represented the City of Des Plaines. Howard Moser, City of Des Plaines Public Works, and his department selected and planted the oak tree.

The ceremony began with North School Principal Dr. Howard Coleman introducing guests to the audience. North students joined together to proudly sing about trees and Alderman Patti Haugeberg bestowed an Arbor Day Proclamation. The event was highlighted with the planting of the tree in the back of the school. Several North students were selected to join the dignitaries in shoveling dirt onto the tree base and roots.

Digital Age Voice Conferences with Students – Friday, January 10, North Elementary School fifth graders in Kathy Clifford’s class had the opportunity to explore colleges and unique careers when they video-conferenced with Susan Bennett, the voice of iPhone’s Siri. Bennett, who lives in Atlanta, and is involved in various commercial and audio voice-over projects, talked about her career and how she got involved in the voice-over field. She encouraged the students to read and learn all they could. In advance of the call, students prepared questions for Ms. Bennett. This was one of many series of digital celebrities who will conference with Clifford’s students.

Principal Leads by Example

Dr. Howard Coleman, North Elementary School principal, was honored by the District 62 Board of Education for successfully defending his doctoral dissertation and demonstrating the importance of lifelong learning. In December, Dr. Coleman will receive his doctorate degree from Chicago State University.

North Fifth Graders Cruise Chicago River Provided by Abraham Lee, North Elementary School – Friday, May 10, North Elementary School fifth grade students took an architectural boat tour in Chicago. The cruise featured histories of many famous buildings that grace the Chicago skyline. While the students were boating, the Willis Tower could not boast the distinction of being the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere because the final spire was installed on the Freedom Tower of One World Trade Center in New York City. It was a spectacular moment. Prior to the tour, fifth graders learned about some renowned Chicago architects such as Daniel Burnham, Louis Sullivan, Frank Lloyd Wright and created their imaginary cityscapes in art class based on the two point linear perspective drawing technique. After the boat tour, the students had a quick visit to the Art Institute of Chicago to view the Thorne Miniature Rooms Gallery. North School expresses its deepest gratitude to the District 62 Foundation whose mini-grant made this memorable and meaningful trip possible.

Thirty-one students from North participated in Math Kangaroo 2013, which was held at Maine West High School on March 21st. Math Kangaroo is an international math competition for grades 1 to 12 held once a year during the third week of March. This year there was a high number of North students participating, and each student contestant received a t-shirt, a certificate of participation, and a little gift on the testing day. Mrs. Barbara Mikunda and Mrs. Ruth Conklin coordinated the competition at North.


Jeremiasz (Grade 5, Mr. Lisy) was selected as this year’s Gallery 62 recipient representing North School. Artist Jeremiasz patterned fish on a holographic paper with sharpie markers. He decorates the background with metallic colored pencils. He even incorporates motherland Poland’s flag colors in the fish tail. Jeremy was honored at the school board meeting on March 17th. Jeremiasz’s artwork will be on display at the Administration Center for two years and then will be moved to Chippewa School where he will be attending next year.

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