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Kids Helping Kids

kids helping kids

North School is promoting a program that stresses students helping other students. The S.T.O.P. Program is in full-swing during lunch time at North School. Student tutors visit assigned classrooms and ‘get to work’ while they could be outside playing with their friends. Instead they have volunteered for the Student Tutor Outreach Program. About 45 third, fourth, and fifth graders help their peers with homework, basic or content area skills, reading, and math facts.

"Tutoring is fun and the kids are great to work with. It is even more fun when they understand what you’re saying."

–Neneva, 5th grade

"I think tutoring is nice because when you tutor someone you can feel happy about yourself because you helped someone."

–Joanna, 4th grade

"I love tutoring alot because they are looking up to me."

–Abdullah, 5th grade

"I'm teaching kids and I’m teaching myself too. It makes life easier."

–Alex, 4th grade

Grove Field Trip Connects Past to Present Day


A recent field trip to the 1850's Kennicott House, located at The Grove, provided 85 North Elementary School students with a learning excursion that involved many activities that stressed self-sufficient behaviors.  The students’ task during the field trip was to experience as many activities, traditions, and daily events possible that demonstrated the idea of self-sufficiency from making rope to dipping candles. 

The field trip began with a tour of the Gothic Revival House built by Dr. John Kennicott in 1856. Students eagerly participated in the hands-on experiences, taking advantage of every chance for discovery, while experiencing life on a farm.  They were actually very excited to find out how hard children had to work in the 1800's. 

The students enjoyed walking through the home and seeing how the way of life has changed like dress, cooking, chores, children's games, transportation, tools, and farm work.  Along the way, students hand punched tin under the tutelage of a docent who discussed forging and rope making. After a lecture on wool and fabric production, the fifth graders wove a rug section using a loom. The class made butter, cornbread, and stew without the modern day equipment and appliances they take for granted. The trip ended with a family style luncheon, which the students devoured. Partial funding for the trip was provided by a District 62 Foundation mini-grant that was awarded to fifth grade teacher Kathleen Clifford.

North Third Grade Class Helps Animals

North third grade students’ community service project really went to the dogs…the cats…and even the horses, when the entire third grade class donated $500 to various animal organizations and charities.  The coins, bills, and checks that were collected by t he students will assist the following organizations:

  • The Buddy Foundation- This rescue organization provides immediate safety and care to stray and abused animals.  A brick was also laid from the North School family.
  • Field of Dreams-This agency is a safe haven for rescued horses.  North’s donation will help feed and groom these beautiful animals.
  • Morton Grove Animal Hospital-The caring staff continues to doctor injured and stray animals.  The donation will be used to care and feed for them.

When asked about the project, Mrs. Petruzzelli responded, “The lessons that the students learned are so important.  Students understand the importance of being kind to animals, because just like humans, animals have feelings and need to be cared for.  They feel very proud of their good deed.”

North Second Graders to Investigate Mysteries of Soil

Tthe Soil Adventure Mobile (SAM) brought The Field Museum to North Elementary School in Des Plaines, and the world of soil to life. A Field Museum educator used scientific displays and activities to open students’ eyes to the amazing diversity of life underground, and the important role that soil plays in their lives.

Soil MobileStudents identified underground critters, felt soil textures, and learned the secrets of “soil-makers” as they became junior soil scientists with the help of Field Museum Educators and the curriculum-tailored activities of the Soil Adventure Mobile! The content of each SAM program for schools is targeted to the second graders who will participate in this enrichment activity and relates directly to state educational goals.

This hands-on learning experience was underwritten by the District 62 Education Foundation and is sure to make a lasting impression on North students.

North School Open House

open houseNorth School hosted the annual Open House. It was an Author's Night.

Students shared their stories with their families. They had prepared manuscripts, books, stories and written reader's theater pieces. Many of the rooms featured "Author Chairs" and students read their writing pieces to classmates and family members. The PTO sponsored one of two annual book fairs.



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