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Iroquois Community School Staff

Dr. Michael A. Amadei principal's message Principal
Ms. Jessie Arnold Teacher
Ms. Jeanne Bartells Teacher
Ms. Shannon Bemben Teacher
Ms. Anne Beranek Teacher
Mr. Jeremy Bohne Custodian
Ms. Catherine Borge Media Specialist
Mr. Manuel Bustos Teacher
Mr. Erick Castaneda Custodian
Miss Kathryn Conway Teacher
Ms. Kim Cruz Teacher
Ms. Erica Cupuro Psychologist
Ms. Kelda Giavaras Teacher
Ms. Kristen Goczkowski Teacher
Ms. Kristin Gottschalk Teacher
Ms. Marise Goveia Social Worker
Ms. Colleen Gray Teacher
Ms. Sarah Grember Teacher
Ms. Renee Guill Teacher
Ms. Sara Heiman Teacher
Ms. Lisa James Teacher
Ms. Niki Jazrawi Teacher
Ms. Nicole Knight Teacher
Ms. Elaine Kraemer Health Clerk
Ms. Laura Kubiak Teacher
Ms. Millicent Lee Speech/Language Pathologist
Ms. Melissa Lenski Teacher
Miss Amy Lewis Teacher
Ms. Agata Malec Teacher
Ms. Eileen Malony Administrative Assistant
Mrs. Jilienne Naguib Teacher
Ms. Siri Nelson SPARK
Ms. Milena Nedeljkovic SPARK
Ms. Michelle Nicolet Teacher
Ms. Yanira Ocasio Administrative Assistant
Mr. Robert Paladino Custodian
Mr. Matthew Rutherford Teacher
Ms. Carrie Schurr Instructional Coach
Mr. William Snyder Teacher
Mrs. Cynthia Torp SPARK
Dr. Andrea Winkelmann Teacher
Ms. Denise Wiorek Media Assistant
Ms. Lynn Zahorak Teacher

For more information, please contact Nancy M. Jenkins, Human Resources Manager.

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Iroquois Community School
1836 Touhy Avenue
Des Plaines, IL 60018
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