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Kindergarten Enrollment – When registering your child please bring:

  1. An original certified birth certificate – we will make a copy and return the original to you.

any 1 of the following:
  1. mortgage bank statement
  2. rental agreement
  3. tax statement
  4. notorized letter of residency attestation

AND any 2 of the following:
  1. driver's license
  2. bills such as gas, electric, water, cable or credit card
  3. voter registration card
  4. vehicle registration
  5. mail that has been delivered to you with your name and address on it.

For information on how to obtain a birth certificate, please call the Cook County Clerk’s office at 312-603-7790

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Iroquois Community School Enrollment

ICS is a K-8, balanced-calendar (also known as year-round) school of choice, which serves all of District 62.

Enrollment is based on space availability within class size limitations. Returning students and those who have siblings currently in the school are given first priority.

New or transfer students are required to complete a prospective student application which can be obtained in the school office or online at the Iroquois website. This application should be filled out for each student wishing to enroll and returned to the school office during the open enrollment period. This enrollment period is from January to May each school year.

Due to the large volume of requests for admission, applications will need to be filled out each year. We will no longer hold over applications from year to year.

Once the number of grade level openings has been determined at the end of May, the names of all applicants for each grade level are entered into a lottery. A representative of the District Superintendent’s office draws the names of applicants until the grade level is full.

Applicants selected through the lottery process will be notified by telephone. Email notifications will be sent to those students whose names were not drawn. Should openings occur during the summer, or within the first two weeks of the school year, another lottery is held and the principal will notify the applicants whose names are drawn by phone.

Open Enrollment Timeline for 2017/2018 School Year

  • Tuesday, January 17: Iroquois Information Night (6:00 – 7:30 P.M.)
  • Tuesday, January 17 – Friday, April 7: Open enrollment window. Prospective student applications are available in the school office or online. Please complete packet in its entirety.
  • Open Enrollment Application


  • Friday, February 10: Prospective ICS families will be invited to visit classrooms during the school day. Prior scheduled appointments are required. Please contact the office at 847-824-1308 to schedule your appointment. Eighth grade student ambassadors will lead all visits.
  • Friday, April 7: Prospective student applications are due to the office.
  • Friday, April 7 - August 2017: Open enrollment at ICS ends on April 7. Interested families should register at their home school after this date. Prospective student applications will still be available online, but will not be accepted until the next enrollment period begins.
  • Week of May 30: Lottery drawings to fill open spaces for the 2017-2018 school year will begin.
  • Week of June 5: Families will be informed of Iroquois acceptance or regret by email.
  • July 7 until 2 weeks after ICS school year begins: Placements during this time will be based on space availability where applicable and will be drawn by lottery.
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Iroquois Community School Enrollment Policy

  • Iroquois Community School (ICS) is a school of choice that CCSD 62 offers for those families interested in an alternative school calendar.
  • While ICS offers many comprehensive services and supports, it does not incorporate extensive programs and services for those students with more significant educational needs. The district will determine whether or not a student's needs can be met at ICS and enrollment may be denied on this basis.
  • Further, should it become evident after a student has been allowed enrollment to ICS that his/her needs cannot be appropriately met, the district reserves the right to terminate enrollment at ICS and transfer the student to the appropriate school.

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