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Questions regarding benefits can be directed to Julie Salmons Hubbard, Assistant Manager Human Resources/Benefits, at 847-824-1185 or

2016 403(b) Educational Video - TSA Consulting Group, Inc.

Retirement Plans Compliance and Employee Education Program for supplemental retirement plans such as 403 (b) - Tax Sheltered Accounts

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CCSD 62 has contracted with TSA Consulting Group, Inc. (TSACG) to act as a third party administrator for our 403 (b) and 457 retirement plans. Company contact information and forms are located below.

For current staff members: Completed Salary Reduction Agreements need to be sent to Julie Salmons Hubbard at Admin. Please do not send them to payroll.

For retirees or those who leave the District: Please contact TSACG for assistance. All transactions are completed by them not the district.

TSA Consulting Group, Inc. (TSACG) provides a variety of services to public education employers that relate to the compliance and administration of 404 (b) and 457 retirement plans. On behalf of CCSD 62, TSACG will be responsible for facilitating the administration of your retirement plan. These plans are an important part of your employee benefit program, and you should have a basic knowledge of how these plans work to enhance your retirement savings. In addition, CCSD 62 must follow certain guidelines concerning the administration of these plans to ensure the compliance of this important benefit. The following online video presentation was developed to provide an overview of this ongoing program.

CCSD 62 will distribute the Annual Retirement Benefits Guide we have received for 2009 where you will find your personalized Maximum Allowable Contribution (MAC) form for the current year. If you are new or do not receive a personalized guide this year, you will receive a plan information sheet and will receive a personalized guide next year. You will need to sign for these as part of our compliance with TSA.

Please review all of the information in your personalized Annual Retirement Benefit Guide with special attention to your MAC calculation for the 2009 calendar year with an explanation of the 2009 guidelines (see pages 12 and 13). This form serves only to inform you of the maximum dollars you may contribute to the 403(b)-TSA of your choice (see your personal annual retirement guide, page 11 for a list of authorized vendors). Please contact one of the authorized 403(b) vendors for any technical or plan information.

If you should discover discrepancies in the data presented on your personal MAC form, you will need to contact TSACG and submit a resolution request by either visiting to download the Data Resolution Form or by calling 1-888-796-3786. Any corrections necessary will be made upon verification of the data in question.

If you have questions, please contact Julie Salmons Hubbard 847-824-1185 or TSACG 888-796-3786.

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