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English Language Learners

School District 62 is committed to providing a high quality English Language Learner (ELL) program that values a student's native language and culture to accelerate the acquisition of linguistic, academic and social/cultural success in a diverse society.

ELL Parent Advisory Council Steering Members Recognized for Leadership

Milagros Bravo, Director of Second Language Programs, presented a program at the October 20, 2014 District 62 Board of Education meeting about the Title 3 ELL Parent Advisory Council (PAC) and Parent University. The goals of Parent University and PAC are to:

  • Align home practices with school
  • Build connections between home and school
  • Build capacity between parents and community

Parent University lasts two weeks. Participants enroll in classes that focus on technology, Common Core Standards, parenting, nutrition, mental health, Standards Based Grading, and home and financial management. Field trips to local and regional attractions are the highlight of Parent University. All activities and classes are organized to provide learning and structured play for all participants.

Bravo introduced members of the ELL PAC steering committee. President Murphy presented certificates to Cira Almaraz, Nerina Cabrera, Teresa Espinoza, Teodora Garcia, Maria F. Gonzalez, Jazmin Luna, Amada Rodea, Maria Cristina Ruiz, and Rosalba Herrera.

Program Brochure

To provide students with the academic and language skills needed to meet or exceed achievement standards.

A high quality ELL program should be grounded in research. Therefore, we are committed to the following beliefs:

  • Enable all students to achieve high standards.
  • Use native language instruction, as available, to access content area curriculum while simultaneously providing English language instruction.
  • Emphasize ELD and content area learning at every grade level.
  • Evaluate data and make program adjustments to continually improve student learning.
  • Develop higher teacher competencies through comprehensive training of all staff on extensive strategies/methodology and second language acquisition.
  • Promote understanding of and respect for cultural and linguistic diversity by students, parents and community.

The ELL Program has two components: English as a Second Language (ESL) and Bilingual Education (Spanish). English as a Second Language support is offered at each of the CCSD 62 schools. Bilingual Education (Spanish) is offered at Orchard Place, South, Plainfield, North, and Forest. Those students that need the support of Bilingual Education from Cumberland, Central and Terrace attend the Forest Bilingual Center.

English as a Second Language services consist of:

  • Small group pull out services to support academic content and improve literacy
  • In-class support by ELL teacher to reinforce concepts
  • Native language (Spanish and Polish) where applicable and available
  • Training for all classroom teachers on teaching strategies and methods that match ELL learning needs

Bilingual Education services consist of:

  • Literacy instruction in Spanish in Grades K-2 for students who demonstrate a Spanish dominance.
  • English instruction (ESL) to increase vocabulary and deepen understanding in English for grades Pre-Kinder – 2.

Home Language Survey

English Language Learners Department

Milagros Bravo
Director of Second Language Programs

Ania Figueroa
Staff Development Facilitator

Misael Nascimento
ELL Coordinator

Rosana Tse
ELL Community Liaison/Interpreter

Florentina Marchisotto
Administrative Assistant

D62 offers Spanish as a Second Language classes to students in grades 7 and 8.

D62 website translation – Google translate tool can be used for a quick translation. Select the desired language and seconds later read it in your favorite lanaguage.

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