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Curriculum Support for ELLs

Focus for 2012-2013
The ELL Department will continue to support the teachers in the process of creating Model Performance Indicators (MPI’s) throughout this school year. We are in the second year of this professional development plan, whereby teachers are strengthening their skills in the process. The indicators that teachers are creating are aligned to Common Core State Standards and WIDA’s English Language Development Standards. Furthermore, the MPI’s explicitly integrate vocabulary instruction and higher level thinking skills into the instruction and assessment of ELL students.

Focus for 2011 - 2012
The ELL Department will focus on supporting the English Language Development of students through the creation of Model Performance Indicators (MPI's) in English for Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing. These Performance Indicators will be developed using the WIDA standards and will align to Illinois Common Core Learning Standards.

Curriculum Maps

 As a result of the Professional Development focus of the 2010-2011 school year, the ELL Department has created curriculum maps in the areas of Spanish Literacy and Literacy Enrichment. These documents were made in order to support both the language and academic needs of our students.

Spanish Literacy
Illinois state law mandates Spanish bilingual teachers deliver literacy instruction using state adopted Spanish Literacy Standards (WIDA). Teachers in bilingual classrooms, K-2, will begin using the Spanish Literacy curriculum map in order to meet the needs of the students and to satisfy the state requirement. Following the curriculum map will help teachers provide a cohesive transitional program for our bilingual Spanish-speaking students. The ELL Department will meet with bilingual teachers several times throughout the year in order to support implementation of the curriculum map and to provide collaboration time.

Literacy Enrichment Program

CCSD62's Literacy Enrichment Program provides ELL students in grades 1-3 an additional 90 minutes of academic English instruction per week in order to support English Language Development. Emphasis is placed on oral language proficiency and vocabulary development. The Literacy Enrichment teachers received professional development on how to create Model Performance Indicators (MPIs). Developing these indicators help teachers differentiate instruction according to students’ proficiency levels and instructional needs, and are aligned to Common Core State Standards as well as WIDA’s English Language Development Standards. Literacy Enrichment lessons are created to meet both the academic and language development needs of ELL students. The Team continues to meet regularly with the ELL Department for professional development as a forum for collaboration and standards-based instructional planning.

Staff Development
The ELL Department collaborates to ensure the implementation of national, state, and local standards.

English Language Learners Department

Milagros Bravo
Director of Second Language Programs

Ania Figueroa
Staff Development Facilitator

Misael Nascimento
ELL Coordinator

Rosana Tse
ELL Community Liaison/Interpreter

Florentina Marchisotto
Administrative Assistant

D62 offers Spanish as a Second Language classes to students in grades 7 and 8.

D62 website translation – Google translate tool can be used for a quick translation. Select the desired language and seconds later read it in your favorite lanaguage.

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