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Assessment and Accountability


Model and W-APT Screeners
Administered to incoming students Grades K-8

When a student enrolls in CCSD 62 and is identified on the home language survey as having a non-English background, trained teachers administer a screener exam to determine language proficiency and eligibility for second language services. The state of Illinois requires the administration of the following screeners for identification and placement:

  • Model for Kindergarten
  • W-APT for first through eighth grade

ACCESS for ELLs annual English language proficiency exam
Administered Grades K-8

According to federal legislation, No Child Left Behind, all students of non-English background who qualify for or who are receiving second language services must participate in Illinois’ annual English Language Proficiency Examination, ACCESS for ELLs. This examination, administered in the winter, measures language proficiency growth in listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

Illinois Standard Achievement Test (ISAT)
Administered Grades 3-8

ELL students who have received services for less than five years take the Illinois Standard Achievement Test (ISAT) with accommodations in March. ELL students who have received services for five or more years participate in the ISAT without accommodations. All students in grades 3 through 8 take mathematics and reading assessments, while students in grades 4 and 7 undergo science assessments.

Measures of Academic Progress (MAP)
Administered Grades K-8

The Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) are computerized adaptive tests aligned to Illinois state standards that determine a student's instructional level, diagnose needs, and demonstrate academic growth over time. The MAP is administered several times a year to enable CCSD 62 to make data-driven decisions for instructional purposes.

Words Their Way
Available for students Grades K-8

Words their Way is a spelling inventory administered to learn what a student understands about spelling.  Analysis of spelling development yields critical information to tailor instruction to individual needs and to form word study groups according to the following stages of spelling development:

  • Emergent spelling
  • Letter Name-Alphabetic Spelling
  • Within Word Spelling
  • Syllables and Affixes Spelling
  • Derivational Relations Spelling

Supera Evaluaciones esenciales and Supera Plus
Administered to K-2nd Grade Bilingual Students

Second grade Spanish bilingual students participate in the Supera Evaluaciones esenciales and Supera Plus examinations in the spring. Evaluaciones esenciales assesses basic skills in reading/ language arts and mathematics with minimal testing time. The Supera Plus subtests incorporate assessments of Word Analysis, Vocabulary, Language Mechanics, Spelling, and Mathematics Computation.

Aimsweb ®
Available for students Grades K-5

Aimsweb is a universal English language screener designed for progress monitoring in reading and mathematics administered three times a year to create benchmarks for a three-tiered approach to Response to Intervention and AYP accountability.

Aimsweb ® - Medidas Incrementales de Destrezas Essenciales (MIDE)
Available for bilingual students Grades K-2

Aimsweb MIDE is a curriculum-based language screener designed for progress monitoring that is also administered three times a year.  It contains six measures of early literacy for Spanish speakers to include:

  • Letter Sound Fluency
  • Syllable Segmentation Fluency
  • Syllable Reading Fluency
  • Syllable Word Spelling
  • Oral Reading Fluency

Just as the English language screener, MIDE creates benchmarks for a three-tiered approach to Response to Intervention and AYP accountability.


No Child Left Behind - Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP)
There are 3 factors used to determine Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) for 2012:

  1. Meeting Target Math and Reading Scores 92.5% of all subgroups must meet or exceed the reading and mathematics target goals.
  2. There must be a 95% participation rate of students in all measurable subgroups taking state assessments.
  3. The school must have a 95% attendance rate overall for all subgroups.

Annual Measurable Achievement Objectives (AMAOs)
Illinois School Districts are evaluated annually on three objectives, these are:

  1. The percentage of students who make progress in learning English.
    State Target for: 2012/57.4% | 2013/60.5%
    • Demonstrate at least a 0.5 proficiency level gain in overall composite level on ACCESS
    • Attain a maximum 6.0 overall composite level
  2. The percentage of students who become proficient in English.
    State Target for: 2012/9.00% | 2013/10.0%
    • Attain at least 4.8 overall composite AND 4.2 literacy composite on ACCESS
  3. Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) for English Language Learners based on student test participation, graduation, attendance, and achievement in reading and math.
    State Target for:
    • 2012 – Reading 85.00% / Math 85.00%
    • 2013 – Reading 92.50% / Math 92.50%

English Language Learners Department

Milagros Bravo
Director of Second Language Programs

Ania Figueroa
Staff Development Facilitator

Misael Nascimento
ELL Coordinator

Rosana Tse
ELL Community Liaison/Interpreter

Florentina Marchisotto
Administrative Assistant

D62 offers Spanish as a Second Language classes to students in grades 7 and 8.

D62 website translation – Google translate tool can be used for a quick translation. Select the desired language and seconds later read it in your favorite lanaguage.

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