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Social Studies

It is School District 62’s philosophy and belief that the discipline of social studies prepares students to participate in community affairs within a global society. The social studies curriculum will empower students with the necessary confidence, skills and tools to be lifelong learners and productive members of a democratic society. As District 62 students progress from kindergarten through eighth grade, they will move from developing an awareness to demonstrating an understanding of the culture, history, customs, and events around the globe. The progression of the curriculum is egocentric to esoteric (self, family and school, neighborhood, community, state, nation, and world).

Social Studies is best learned in an environment in which students:

  • Have a comprehensive understanding of geography, economics, history, and political and social systems.
  • Utilize a variety of materials including primary and secondary sources.
  • Share historical and current world events with all members of the community including families, teachers and peers as co-learners.
  • See the relevance of social studies in their lives.
  • Make connections between social studies and all subject areas.
  • Use current and emergent technology.
  • Connect new experiences to prior knowledge.
  • Acquire key concepts and vocabulary.
  • Have their individual needs met in developmentally appropriate ways.

In a classroom where Social Studies is effectively taught:

  • The teacher demonstrates a comprehensive understanding of the key concepts and generalizations that underlie all social studies disciplines including geography, economics, history, and political and social systems.
  • The teacher and students engage in activities promoting the importance and value of civic responsibility in a democratic society.
  • The teacher fosters a safe leaning environment that promotes respect for individual ideas and backgrounds.
  • The teacher utilizes a variety of instructional strategies to engage students in the critical exploration of social studies concepts.
  • The teacher integrates social studies with other content areas.
  • The teacher encourages problem solving and student interaction.
  • The teacher utilizes and builds upon student background knowledge to help make relevant connections.
  • The teacher explicitly provides instruction to develop key social studies vocabulary.
  • The teacher will evaluate student knowledge through a variety of performance-based assessments and use data for instructional decision-making.
  • The student and teacher will incorporate varied instructional materials and media to explore social studies through primary and secondary sources.

The District 62 Social Studies curriculum is based on the New Illinois Learning Standards, including the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), along with CCSS ELA Standards for Social Studies, Science, and Technical Subjects

Please contact Sylvia Roe, Administrative Assistant to the Department of Curriculum and Instruction, or call (847) 824-1276.

Social Studies Department

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Janice Rashid, Ed. D.
Assistant Superintendent for Instructional Services

Sheleen DeLockery
Coordinator for Social Studies

Sylvia Roe
Administrative Assistant to the Department of Curriculum and Instruction

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