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Physical Education and Health

The mission of the Des Plaines Elementary School District 62 Physical Education Department is to the best of our abilities utilize community assets and promote all students to achieve and further pursue a lifetime of:

  1. Fun and happiness;
  2. Personal goal setting;
  3. Interest and knowledge of how to get and stay physically fit and healthy;
  4. Cooperation, communication, and to work as an effective part of a team;
  5. Respect for their body and self in the physical, cognitive, and affective domains;
  6. Continual participation in sport, leisure, and wellness activities;
  7. Success, where failure is just another step forward.

In the quest to fulfill our mission, the physical education department will provide:

  1. A safe environment, both physically and emotionally for all activities;
  2. Opportunities for success, failure, and strategy development;
  3. A climate for self analyzing, evaluation, and learning;
  4. Guidance, facilitation, and instruction in all class activities.

Please contact Sylvia Roe, Administrative Assistant to the Department of Curriculum and Instruction, or call (847) 824-1276.

Physical Education Department

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Janice Rashid, Ed. D.
Assistant Superintendent for Instructional Services

Mark Moser
Coordinator for Physical Education and Health

Sylvia Roe
Administrative Assistant to the Department of Curriculum and Instruction

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