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Chippewa Middle School Staff Directory

Our staff strive to nurture students as they become lifelong learners. Students participate in various types of learning activities led by these highly-qualified teachers.

Each year District 62 Education Foundation delivers Mini-Grants to teachers and administrators. This year, the foundation awarded 39 grants totaling $35,000, which is $12,000 more than the previous year. The Mini-Grants is funded by private endowments, annual benefit event featuring entertainment, banquet, silent auction, Cents for Kids, and employee payroll deduction program.

Najma Abbasi
Teacher Assistant
Meenu Agarwal
Technology Teacher -
Google site
Nell Alderson
6th Grade, Instructional – Website
Emily Arens
Math/ Literature/ Language Arts
Matthew Barry
Teacher Assistant
Emily Benoit
LMC Specialist -
Google site
Corrina Beverung
Joy Blasius
Reading Resource
Rose Bieschke
RN - Health Office
Virginia Brooks
Health Clerk
Laura Buckley
Social Studies
Sharon Caputo
Instructional Assistant
Rochelle Carman
Language Arts/ Literature - Website
Amy Cengel
Instructional Coach
William Clesen
Night Custodian
Harris Covington
Music Teacher
Brooke Dankowski
Language Arts/ Literature - Website
Jackie D'Antonio
Teacher Assistant
Don Dudek
Physical Education - Website
Ericka Edelman
Language Arts/ Literature
Denise Fernandez
Assistant Principal
Patti Fink
Administrative Assistant
James Gale
Head Custodian
Maureen Genke
Social Worker
Phil Graver
Social Studies - Website
James Hajost
Maribeth Hill
Teacher Assistant
Ken Hommowun
Ashley Johnson
SPED Resource
Joanna Karlos*
Physical Education - Website
Debra Kaufman
Social Worker
Laura Kent
ELL Resource
Amy Keipert
Jan Knoeckl
Teacher Assistant
Lisa Kocis
Language Arts/ Literature – Website
Melissa Levy*
Science/ Literature/ Language Arts – Website
Tabitha Lueken
Language Arts/ Literature
Janet Manna
Administrative Assistant
Peter Martin
Social Worker
Jackie Mattson
Language Arts/ Literature/ Math – Website
Tim Mayer
Diane Mazur
Physical Education - Website
Matt Mlynski
Science/Social Studies - Website
Mark Moser
Physical Education - Website
Monica Moser
Teacher Assistant
Mark Pearson
Physical Education - Website
Jackie Perez
Hybrid Instruction – Website
Kristy Radak*
Math/Language Arts/ Literature - Website
Helen Rodis
Science/Social Studies
Julie Rubey
Teacher Assistant
Lina Salimi*
Language Arts/ Literature - Website
Mary Schaefer
Instructional - Website
Diana Schoblocher
Teacher Assistant
Cathy Sears - LAF
Language Arts/Literature/ Social Studies – Website
Mike Sibert*
Connie Smith
Resource – Website
Mary Ann Turek
Teacher Assistant
Donna Turk
Language Arts/ Literature – Website
Josefina Verdin
Teacher Assistant
Mary Alice Van Vleet
Teacher Assistant
Alex Weinberg
Social Studies Teacher

For more information, please contact Nancy M. Jenkins, Human Resources Manager.

Learning Innovations

Author: Emily Benoit - Chippewa LMC

Author: Meenu Agarwal - Chippewa MS Technology Class

Authors: Brooke Dankowsi, Phil Graver, Helga Liller, Jen Mandl, Matt Mlynski, Mary Jane Morley, Kristy Radak, Lina Salimi, Mary Schaefer, Cathy Sears, and Kathy Shanahan - Eighth Grade Team website

Authors: Nell Alderson, David Becker, Amy Cengel, Kelly Cheney, Lisa Kocis, Melissa Levy, Jackie Mattson, Jackie Perez, Connie Smith, Donna Turk - 6th Grade Website

Author: Wendy Spyrison - Science/Literature website

Author: Jennifer Mandl - Math website

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