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Chippewa Yearbook

Your child is invited to participate in Yearbook club. The purpose of this activity is to design and publish Chippewa Middle School’s Yearbook.

TThis activity will take place on every Wednesday unless otherwise noted.

The hours of this activity will be from 3-4pm. Students who have a bus pass will be able to take the 4:00 pm activity bus home. Students who do not have a bus pass will be required to arrange for transportation or be permitted by their parent/guardian to walk home from school.

Questions regarding this activity should be directed to Mrs. Conti or Ms. Salgado, who can be reached by phone at 847.824.1503 or by email at or

Activities and Clubs

After School Activity Parent/Guardian Permission Form
Please complete and return the attached form to indicate that you authorize permission for your child to participate in this extra-curricular activity. The form should be returned to Mrs. Conti in the LMC by September 16, 2015.

After School Activity Parent/Guardian Permission Form

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