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Chippewa Middle School, designed originally for 450 students, was completed for occupancy in September of 1961 as one of three junior high schools in Community Consolidated School District #62.

As a result of the District 62 Building Utilization Plan, the District reorganized into one K-8 School of Choice, two 6-8 middle schools and eight K-5 elementary schools. In the Fall of 1997, Chippewa began work on thirteen additional classrooms and some major interior renovation. In 2001-02, four new classrooms were built on the east side of the building with the cooperation with the Maine Township Special Education Program.

Approximately 760 students in grades 6 – 8 attend Chippewa Middle School. We are one of two middle schools in Community Consolidated School District 62. Upon graduation from Chippewa, students attend either Maine West or Maine East High Schools.

Chippewa Middle School has a teaching staff of 60 certified teachers. Teachers in District 62 have an average of 11.9 years of experience (the Illinois state average is 13.0 years). In our district, 62.7% of our teachers have earned a Master’s degree or above, while 37.3% of our teachers have earned a Bachelor’s degree.

The pupil to teacher ratio for District 62 is 18.5 : 1. The State of Illinois averages 19.1 : 1 ratio of students to teachers. Chippewa Middle School has 23.6% of its students qualifying for low-income services (compared to 40% for the entire state). These students are from families receiving public aid, living in institutions for neglected or delinquent children, being supported in foster homes with public funds, or eligible to receive free or reduced-price lunches. Chippewa Middle School serves a population of 7.8% Limited-English-Proficient students who are part of our bilingual education program.
Source: 2006 Illinois School Report Card

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